A well - trusted system designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry which integrates energy control, comfort, security, lighting, drapery and many more functions. This technology not only provides all-in-one in-room control, but is also energy-efficient through intelligent devices INNCOM is offering

Energy Management

Our smart controllers generate a huge energy savings potential by staged temperature control depending on the occupancy status of the guestroom ensuring simultaneous energy savings and guest comfort.

Fully integrated guest room comfort

INNCOM® helps you to meet and exceed guest expectations - their comfort wishes and preferred ambience levels. Greeting a guest with a welcome scene provides:

  • lights come on
  • drapes open to enjoy the view
  • television displays a personalized welcome message
  • climate control adjusts to individual comfort preferences

Wired or Wireless Room Architecture

Whether you have newly-built, conversion or refurbishment projects, we can accommodate your requirements. We deploy our devices using existing cabling or implement wireless communication to integrate the devices in the system.