The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Advertising
There are several mediums of advertising, one of which is digital. D
The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Advertising
02 / 22 / 16

There are several mediums of advertising, one of which is digital. Despite the popularity of traditional means of advertising, digital marketing managed to wedge its way into the consciousness of advertisers worldwide. Its influence is so far reaching that you can see it wherever you go; for instance, you’ll see LED billboards serving digital advertising purposes in the Philippines just like in any other country.


Truly, digital advertising is soaring high at the moment. If you are an entrepreneur who would love to use this means of advertising for your own brand, you have to learn all about visual content first. Visual content is one of the important aspects that can make or break your brand. How important is it for digital advertising? Read further to find out.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Do you ever wonder why silent movies were such a hit? Despite the lack of verbal communication, plenty of people still reminisce about the era of silent movies so fondly. This is because the things that we see have a huge impact on the way we feel and the things we do. In fact, according to psychologists, 93% of all communication is done without talking. Even in conversations, the importance of body language amounts to at least 55%.


Since people focus more on what goes unsaid, it only means that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Your advertisement’s visual content will play a huge role in communicating your brand’s message to your target market. In your next advertisement, make sure to show, not tell, your audience the message of your brand.


Learn to Pace with Your Consumers


Consumers these days are always on the go. Not do they only spend less time at home, they also spend plenty of time travelling. This means that instead of getting information through traditional means, – like through newspapers and the television – they acquire data through digital means, like the internet.


Since consumers are always moving from one place to another, they don’t have enough time to digest long content. If your article is so long that your audience cannot finish it in one sitting, then you won’t be able to communicate effectively with your market.


Instead of focusing on words, focus on the visual content of your advertisement. Consumers surely find it easier to view images that relate your message instead of reading long articles about a certain product. The same can be said about your LED billboard ads. Instead of long lines of text, making use of images to portray your message will help commuters absorb what you mean more easily.


Keep Them Engaged


The birth of digital advertising brought to light a lot of truths. One of them is that consumers love engagement. Between an ad that does not engage the audience in any way and an ad that patrons can interact with, which do you think will be a big hit? It’s likely that the more engaging advertisement will be appreciated by your patrons. Use visual content to keep your customers engaged. The more entertained consumers are, the more likely they are going to share your advertisement with other people!


If you are wondering how important visual content is in digital advertising, the answer is very important. Studies show that the human brain processes image 60, 000 times faster than plain text. This means that consumers are more likely to understand your brand message if you use visuals to communicate them.


In today’s world where people are always on the move, it’s important to communicate your company’s message efficiently and at a fast rate.


Why Out of Home Advertising is Important
The worldwide web is a strange, vast place where one can do almost an
Why Out of Home Advertising is Important
02 / 17 / 16

The worldwide web is a strange, vast place where one can do almost anything. Through the internet, you can make a purchase, play games, and meet new people. It’s not just important for individuals – online presence is highly beneficial for many businesses. What’s more, it allows advertisers to market their products and reach even people who are just sitting at home!

It was only a few years ago when we were introduced to digital advertising. As time passed by, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon. Digital advertising’s influence is so far reaching that traditional advertising materials are also being digitalized! In fact, there are now LED billboards used for digital advertising purposes in the Philippines, and all over the world.


LED billboards to join the list of marketing materials that are used for out of home advertising or advertising that is done outdoors to publicize one’s products or services. This kind of advertising has been around for thousands of years – however, since digital advertising is gaining traction, OOH is falling by the wayside. With plenty of advertisers shifting to digital, a question arises: is out of home advertising really important?


Consumers are Mobile


The combination of wireless connection and portable devices makes almost everything easier and more accessible. This means that people can now do their work, be entertained, and connect to other people wherever they are, using just their gadgets! In result, people can comfortably spend more time on transit. Consumers are always moving these days; visiting a new restaurant that got good reviews on their favorite website or watching a new movie that trended on social media.


Since consumers are spending more time traveling now more than ever, it’s the best time to take advantage of out of home advertising. Your advertisements should reach out to your target market – if they are always on the go, then it makes sense to place your marketing campaign out on the streets. Put up a billboard ad or place several posters in places where you know your target market frequents. This will help you communicate your brand’s message to your target audience effectively.


OOH Ads are Cost Effective


People often think that out of home advertising is expensive. The truth is, it all depends on the advertising material that you buy. If you are thinking of buying a gigantic LED billboard, then you have to prepare a hefty amount of money. On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a digital signage or a medium sized billboard that you can place a few blocks away from your store, it probably won’t cost you much.


Yes, a billboard will still cost you more than a digital advertising campaign will. Although, when you think about it, your online ad will be on the internet for a few months at best, meanwhile, an LED billboard or traditional signage can be around for years. When you consider the life span of digital billboards these days, you’ll find that they are actually very cost effective.


Advertisements are also Mobile


Consumers riding a train or bus will probably only see your billboard ad for a few seconds at best. This is why plenty of advertisers make sure that their ads are catchy and easy to understand. The problem is that sometimes consumers are still unable to retain the information that you gave them due to the short amount of exposure. Good thing, out of home ads can also be mobile.
Nowadays, billboards don’t have to remain stationary. Thanks to bus, jeepney, and taxi ads, you can spread your message to your target audience wherever they are! Not only that, you’ll also find roaming LED billboards that display advertisements along highways. If your target audience is always on the move, then your advertisement should be too.


Modern consumers are always on the go. If most of your consumer’s time is spent outside, that’s where your advertisements should be too. Out of home advertising is still relevant in the digital age because it has the ability to draw your target market’s attention and encourage sales using so many unique techniques. OOH is not only an effective way to communicate with consumers, it also compliments other forms of advertising, like digital ads.

The Many Uses of LED Displays
An LED display in the Philippines is often used for television view
The Many Uses of LED Displays
02 / 09 / 16

An LED display in the Philippines is often used for television viewing purposes most of the time. Despite this, there are actually many uses for this modern display. Right now, people are deliberately realizing the benefits of using LED displays in advertising; the appearance of digital billboards along major highways can attest to that.

This integration of LED displays in the world of advertising brought a lot of positive effects. The same can happen once Filipinos learned how to apply digital displays in several other industries. Take note of the different uses of LED displays below.

Sports Arenas

Every year, millions of Filipinos attend various sports events. From basketball to boxing, volleyball, and football, there is no doubt that sports are a big part of our daily lives. In fact, we even make it a point to televise and live stream major events!

It’s a blast to watch a game in itself. Despite this, there are still ways to enhance the experience of the audience, as well as the players – and that is by installing LED displays.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for people at the very back of the stadium to see what is happening on the court or field. By using digital displays, every audience in the arena can now watch the action clearly wherever they may be seated. Not only that, they can also relieve heart-stopping plays through replays on those gigantic screens. Through LED displays, every 3-pointer shoot, spike, or goal is viewed and celebrated clearly.

Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs attract patrons who want to go for a drink or two after a long day of work or go dancing just for the heck of it. There is an abundance of them in the country and they are all fighting for the customers’ attention. If you own an establishment like this and you want to lure patrons away from your competitor’s   club and into yours, you should try installing LED displays.

You probably spend a lot of money on a good DJ, why not enhance the experience? Through digital displays, you can provide background graphics that match every thump of the beat coming out of those expensive speakers. Now, you don’t only have great music in your club, you also have the visual to compliment it. With the help of the DJ’s music, you can use your LED displays to set the look and mood of your club every night!

Music Festivals

There are plenty of amazing music acts in the country right now, especially with the emergence of talent search TV shows for singers. In turn, there are also plenty of music festivals and concerts held locally, that allows bands and singers to showcase their musical gifts. Flocks of Filipinos attend these events, filling up arenas to the brim. In cases like this, it’s difficult for the people at the back to see the band on stage. Good thing, there are LED displays.

Digital displays are becoming a regular thing on music gigs. This is because these huge screens allow everyone – from the people in front, up to the ones at the very back – to enjoy their favorite singers as they perform live on stage. It makes gigs much more enjoyable for everyone who attends concerts.

Cinema and Theater

Back then, cinemas used projectors for film viewing. These days, it’s easier and cheaper to pay for an LED display. Although it’s more expensive than a projector, it lasts longer and is energy efficient. Not only that, you can use LED displays for both indoor and outdoor cinemas with no problem.

Digital displays can also be used for theater backdrops. This allows you to cut set design and props cost without affecting the quality of the play. If you want, instead of using your display as a backdrop, you can use it instead to provide a good view of the stage for people at the back. This will ensure that everyone in the audience has the chance to be entertained and enjoy the show.

LED displays are prominently used for advertising purposes. Despite this, it actually has plenty of other uses which don’t involve promoting or selling a product or service. This only proves that digital displays are beneficial for every business in several industries.

Difference of Edge-Lit and Backlit Light Boxes
Advertising has been around for a long time. Back in the day, compan
Difference of Edge-Lit and Backlit Light Boxes
02 / 08 / 16

Advertising has been around for a long time. Back in the day, companies used posters to promote an event, a product, or a service. Fast forward to 2016 and you’ll see plenty of advertising tools aside from posters. Through technology, we are now experiencing new marketing methods as well as improved traditional advertising tools. One example is digital billboard; through innovation, the traditional billboard was improved and now, LED billboard is used for advertising in the Philippines.


The application of LED is not limited to billboards. These days, LED is also used for illuminating light boxes. Although this is not as famous an advertising material as LED billboards are, it has its own advantages. If you are going to be using posters in your advertising campaign, an LED light box can be beneficial for you because it can turn a plain poster into an attention-grabbing display. Before you skip to the store to buy one, there are things you should know. One of this is the difference between edge-lit and backlit light boxes.


What’s an Edge-Lit Light Box?


An LED light box use light-emitting diodes instead of fluorescent for illumination. The difference between the two types of light boxes – edge-lit and backlit – can be found in the structure of the light box itself. As its name suggests, an edge-lit light box has light-emitting diodes on the sides of its frame, which shines its light sideways. This indirectly lights the poster on the box.


This has its advantages; for one, since the light bulbs are only located on the sides, it won’t severely affect your monthly electric bill. Despite this, you have to watch out because this type of light box can sometimes lead to a bit of glowing on the sides of the display. One way to avoid this is by using diffusion paper. Although this doesn’t always hide the slight glow, it can reduce it.


You have to mind the size of the edge-lit light box that you will purchase because it will determine the diffusion of light on your poster. Remember that the bulbs in an edge-lit light box are located on the sides of the box only. This means that the larger your light box is, the farther the LED bulbs are from the center of the box. It might lead to poor dissemination of light in the middle part of the light box, making it look dimmer.


What’s a Backlit Light Box?


While an edge-lit light box has LED bulbs situated on the side, a backlit light box has LED bulbs across the box’s whole back panel. In addition, instead of beaming light sideways, the LED on this type of light box faces forward.


In terms of energy consumption, backlit might be more expensive compared to its counterpart. Since it uses several more bulbs compared to edge-lit light boxes, it makes a bigger impact on your electric bill. Despite this, a backlit LED light box is still more energy efficient compared to fluorescent light boxes.


Since a backlit light box has bulbs across its whole panel, it is better when it comes to illuminating posters. Its light distribution is also better which means that you won’t have to worry about dim spots at the center of the light box. Although its design might be bulkier compared to an edge-lit light box, you’ll find that it is easier to change the bulbs of a backlit light box.


In comparison, the edge-lit light boxes in the market normally won’t allow bulb replacements. This means that you’ll have to totally replace the whole light box once the lights are obsolete.


Using a light box to illuminate you poster is one of the best ways to make your ad more appealing to the public. It will surely make your display stand out among the rest! Despite this, don’t just rush to the store without knowing the difference between an edge-lit light box and a backlit light box. Both have its advantages and disadvantages so make sure to choose wisely.

LED Displays in the Philippines – Creative and Functional
Choosing the right platform to advertise your business can be quite o
LED Displays in the Philippines – Creative and Functional
02 / 05 / 16

Choosing the right platform to advertise your business can be quite overwhelming. Here at Inewvation International, we can help you make informed decisions and cater to all your needs – worry not, for our Digital Display Solutions can keep up with the latest trends in technology. We focus on leading you to the future of advertising by offering the best products and the newest technologies. And we are proud to be one of the pioneers of indoor and outdoor LED Displays.


One of the best products that we offer in our line of top notch LED Displays.  LED Displays in the Philippines have served its purpose by providing with outdoor signages that help promote brand awareness for businesses to people on the go. From their daily routine of traveling from place to place, people can see LED Displays almost everywhere we go!


What are LED Displays?


LED Displays are flat panel displays that utilize an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels used for video display. Display technology is applied in industrial production, military, medical units and public security system and even in the aerospace industry! Display Technology poses a vital role because it has become a modern life indispensable technology for the society. They are manufactured in a full range of colors with appropriate mixing schemes that generates billions of colors. Unlike normal TV Screens or Plasma Screens that are expensive and easily scratched, LED Displays are energy efficient. The best part about this awesome technology is its high-quality performance at an affordable price. If installed and utilized properly, LED displays can reach 100,000 hours of lifetime or about 24/7 use for a whopping 11 years!


The Purpose of LED Display


From young kids to adults, almost anyone can bear witness to the glorious benefits the LED Displays offer. The best thing about them is that they are very outdoor efficient – built and tailored to be showcased outdoors for everyone to see. Its screen is waterproof; sun-proof and dust-proof too. They offer eye-catching dynamic content that advertisers have always dreamed of when it comes to presenting products or services. The size and brightness can instantly draw the attention of anyone who passes by. LED Display has been widely used in large scales event places such as sports venues and arenas, financial markets (real-time stock, exchange rate etc.), post & telecommunication companies, and so much more. One of the better purposes they serve is through traffic management. No matter what weather condition persists, they function efficiently providing you with clear, bright, and useful information for the traveling public.


LED Displays to Optimize Your Business’ Success


There are tons of reasons why LED display has become one of the top mediums in advertising now, and it is bound to stay on top because of these simple yet astounding reasons. LED Display is time efficient, has a long life span, no warm-up period, can’t be affected by any temperature, has exceptional color rending and is environment-friendly. Whether it’s a product or service you’re offering, people WILL know if you utilize LED Displays! With the very loquacious imagery the LED Display brings, surely it will catch and retain the attention of anyone that passes by. LED displays can help your business in several different ways. It eludes your digital screens with that ‘wow’ factor. It also creates a wider area for viewing with the sign displays. Along with super low operating costs and superior energy efficiency and flexible installation of ultra-thin screens, you can be sure that it will be worth your time, effort, and money.


For Your LED Display Needs


We aim to provide you with the LED Displays you need to showcase to the world what your business has to offer. Rest assured that we will be providing not only the best product for your requirements but also a very competitive after sales service by our competent group of sales executives and technical and engineering support. Contact us by logging in on our website at also you can check out our Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to call us because together we can make your future brighter than ever!

LED Screen Philippines – Best Advertising Solutions
In a rapidly changing world where progress and advancements are takin
LED Screen Philippines – Best Advertising Solutions
02 / 05 / 16

In a rapidly changing world where progress and advancements are taking center stage, technology is king, and it has absolutely no intention of dethroning itself anytime soon. One of the examples of this constant change is our penchant for replacing everything with screens. This is especially evident here in the Philippines – in particular, the advertising industry. Once upon a time, advertisers used to completely rely on printed material to promote their campaigns. Since then, LED screens in the Philippines and digitized media have overtaken it due to the latter’s more versatile nature.


LED screens are visual displays which use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and work by manipulating its light (or in some cases, a liquid crystal display) in order to form the images one sees on the screen.


Easily Catch People’s Attention through LED Screen Billboards


Images produced in this manner are usually crisp, vivid, and infinitely colorful, due in part to the LED’s natural ability to shine brightly without consuming too much electricity. Digital billboards are also extra eye-catching and are more capable of displaying a wider array of varying dynamic content, in addition to also being able to render more colors. Coupled with moving elements and animations, it’s a surefire way for one’s ad to attract potential customers by drawing their attention almost immediately.

This makes them ideal for use in outdoor locations that include but are not limited to store signages, destination signages, billboards, posters, and the like because they possess greater readability as opposed to the traditional printed versions of these materials. It also doesn’t hurt that LED screens are extremely affordable, and in fact, they actually help save money in the long run. Some of its other advantages over printed media include being able to loop multiple ads, the ability to change content very quickly, resistance to normal wear and tear (unlike vinyl), and perhaps best of all, not having printing or installation costs.


Inewvation International Provides the Best Advertising Solutions


Here at Inewvation International, we prioritize providing our customers with only the best, most efficient and up-to date advertising solutions and technologies. As one of the primaries, go-to brands when it comes to digital marketing in both the indoor and outdoor advertising world, we make sure to provide only the best quality service and support during all phases of purchase, which of course includes the after-sales service. Our highly competent sales executives and technical support staff will ensure a smooth product experience and will offer assistance whenever needed, although it’s worth noting that the products themselves are already made to be hassle-free on their own already.

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