The Basics of Pixel Pitch
03 / 08 / 18

One of the most common terms that we hear when talking about LED Display, is the word ‘pixel pitch’, often referred as ‘pitch’. Unknown to many, pitch plays a vital role in having the perfect LED Display for each and every business or brand.

Pixel Pitch is a fundamental factor of a screen’s viewing distance as it defines the resolution of the LED screen, ergo, the lower the pitch, the crisper the content.



Take note: the lower the pitch, the more diodes can be fitted together on a screen. 


The magic of pixel pitch is the distance between the diodes affect how we see the images, for example, the higher the pitch of an LED Screen is, the better it looks from afar. High pixel pitch LED Displays, ranging from 16 – 50 mm are best for billboards and locations that are high above on the ground.


On the other hand, there’s also an increase in demand for low pixel pitch LED Displays as more and more business see the benefits of having a high-resolution LED Display. A lot of them are now making their lobbies bespoke, their conference room’s techie, and their offices an epitome of technology. Low pixel pitch are optimum for up-close viewing without any risk of eyestrain.







Digital Displays that will be installed above eye-level should have higher pitches coherent to the screen size, as well as the Displays that are meant for long-distance viewing like highway billboards. On the other hand, Displays that are installed in up-close viewing set-ups like hallways, retail shops, backdrop., etc. work best with lower pitches.


Below is an example of optimum viewing distances for some screen:






Indoor LED Displays range from the lowest pitch possible up to the bare minimum, but the ideal pitches would go around pitch 1.5 mm up to pitch 4 mm. As for the outdoor LED Displays, the perfect range would be from pitch 6 mm at the least, up to pitch 50 mm at the most.






As for the execution, the pitch of an LED Screen should always be in line with its intended use. For instance, the contents of your digital display will be high-definition graphics, low pitch LED Display will be your best pick. As for digital billboards that are far from eye-level, their pitch options are high enough to be seen from afar, but still at a bare minimum level to maintain the clarity of the image.




Screen size is also a crucial factor in determining the perfect pixel pitch for your display. This is because the screen size, as well as the pixel pitch, are correlated in a lot of ways. The smaller your screen would be, the lower the display’s pitch should be, this is to avoid pixelated images and cropped contents.



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