Digital Display Solutions: What’s in it for Retail Industry?
05 / 11 / 18


Digital Display Solutions indeed dominates various industries and continues to expand its reach even further. Among all the sectors that digital display solutions have saturated, one of the most prominent is the Retail Industry.


As said in a study in in 2010, papyrus was used as standard media for posters and notices in Ancient Egypt, while commercial entities tended to use painted walls or stones. There were also paintings in walls and stones that originate in 4000 BCE with the rock-art painting of Indians. These are great examples of the evolution of advertising media across completely different cultures.


Since then, through static displays, consumers are informed of promotions, new products, newly built establishments, etc.


This was the practice up until the paradigm shift of the technology age came about, static ads were converted into digital display, further empowering the brands in conveying their messages across all medium possible.


This just shows that the early age of advertising is tied up together with how the retail industry has evolved today. Since the early stages of retail advertising, advertisements have benefited businesses and brands in many ways, and have been improving and innovating simultaneously with technology, while improving and adapting itself to current trends and demands for the consumers.

So, how do static and digital advertisements help the retail industry?


It helps establish a healthy brand-consumer relationship



Consumer loyalty has always been a vital point in every business. Having a consumer who is loyal to your brand simply means that you’ve succeeded in capturing their attention and interest while gaining their trust. Digital Displays have an enormous¬†impact on consumer recognition. Through these tools, a stronger relationship can be forged with loyalty and confidence towards the brand, leading to further recognition and patronization.


Being able to transform a new customer into a loyal customer requires a sustainable and engaging experience that strengthens this type of relationship. Although, brands need to stay relevant and relatable to the consumers to maintain this kind of connection. Adopting various digital displays around a retail store works to improve the experience in multiple ways. They can engage the consumers in displaying important information about their products, flash sales, and discount opportunities. Moreover, digital signage can also reduce confusion by providing directions and assistance as way-finders. Finally, through these tools, consumers can choose the products and information that they want to know about.


Empowering consumers in these ways not only helps to engage them but also contributes to a sense of connection with the consumer – once they feel that the brand cares for them, their loyalty, and patronage develops.

It has its natural charm in attracting consumers



A static retail display has to get the consumer’s attention through its design and the use of bold colors. However, digital displays have a natural attention-grabbing feature, with moving images and striking graphics.


Digital displays always turn out to be great mediums to invite consumers to the stores. They serve as an invitation which entices consumers to continue the digital experience inside a particular store.

It is versatile and pleasing to the eye



From the past, keeping the people entertained has always been key to capturing their minds. If you’ve succeeded in captivating them, they are more likely to be drawn to your brand. Because of this, brands turned their eyes into improving their stores and converting to digital.


Digital Display is not only entertaining but it also gives the feel of less waiting time to consumers in queues, through engaging and colorful contents, useful information, or event news and current events.


In addition, clever integration of a digital interactive kiosks helps to educate consumers by showing them the features and benefits of a product. There are some who even showcase the product unboxing, walkthrough, and how-to-videos. Through this, businesses are able to demonstrate their products well and spark interest.

It is adaptive to the times



Static displays like tarpaulins and posters are pre-designed before they are displayed in the stores. Thus, changing its contents will take too much time and work because you will need to re-layout, reprint, and re-post them all.


On another hand, digital displays make it easy for brands to change their contents anytime and anywhere, through a web-based content management systems. With this, they can target specific audiences at specific times, giving them flexibility on the content they want to show.


Digital displays don’t just offer top-tier advertising mediums but as well as creating an experience. Before, avant-garde advertisements are the biggest hit; they easily catch attention, pique interest, curiosity, and most of all, it helps in selling the product. Now, consumers are also looking for experience and engagement with the product through these displays.

While there are countless ways digital display boosts the consumer experience and engagement, the question remains – what’s in it for the retail industry?


Sales will always be important for brands but, being able to present the brand as one that is consumer-dedicated through the use of digital displays improve the nature of the shopping experience.


A press released that was issued by Oracle also suggests that 81% of shoppers are willing to shop at an establishment that offers a better consumer experience, meaning that even if a retailer charges more than its competitors, consumers will continue to shop at that store if they are given the right experience.


While online sales continue to grow, the value of a physical store should be included in a retailer’s strategic plans. The influence that digital signage has on the consumer experience not only affects the bottom line but also contributes to a positive ROI that retailers should not overlook.


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