Did You Know? Photo Electric Light System
  According to a book by Karl H.E. Kroemer entitled, Fitting the
Did You Know? Photo Electric Light System
07 / 04 / 18


According to a book by Karl H.E. Kroemer entitled, Fitting the Human: Introduction to Ergonomics: Human Factors Engineering, Seventh Edition, page 99, the upper limit of human visual tolerance to luminance is about 10,000 cd/m2 (candela per square meter), which is still subject to other factors like a dull or bright environment, viewing distance, weather conditions, etc.


Fortunately, Inewvation International’s LED displays are equipped with Photoelectric Lighting Control System or often referred to as ‘Smart Lighting’ which detects the current ambient light level which measures how bright and dark the external light is. This technology allows Inewvation International’s LED Screens to reduce its brightness when it’s dark, and adjust itself automatically when needed.


Through this, Inewvation International’s LED displays don’t only conserve energy and burning hours, but can also reduce eye strain without compromising quality. This technology also helps the onlookers to enjoy the spectacle of advertisements and information played on the LED screens.


Indulge in the true expression of Digital Innovation only with Inewvation International.

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Digital Display Solutions: The Art of Content Creation and Management
  With the overwhelming presence of digital display solutions to
Digital Display Solutions: The Art of Content Creation and Management
07 / 02 / 18


With the overwhelming presence of digital display solutions today, it is undeniable that endless possibilities can be made. With its general purpose of disseminating information while advertising and promoting brands, these mediums have been a ‘must’ for effective customer engagement.


Digital Display Solutions have the power to make a brand’s message a lasting impression to its target audience. One key factor is the visual theme of the digital display also known as ‘content’. Contents, whether in advertising or corporate use, are tailor-made materials – stationary to moving, texts to graphics, live actions to animations, necessary to have an effective, relevant upshot.

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The logic is simple: the mood of your audience depends on what their eyes are seeing through your digital display, which will result efficiently or not.


To help you manage and sustain your campaign through digital materials, here are some points to consider:


Determine your Digital Display’s Specifications


As an end-user of this kind of technology, you must know the parameters of your digital display upon purchase. You must be knowledgeable of its pixel pitch, screen size, application, viewing distance, and even it’s capabilities. This enables you to maximize the use of your display and make the best out of it.


Tone and Contrast


Aside from prioritizing vital information and delivering it effectively, tonal contrasts are also a good thing to execute in content creation. Using contrast is vital to your content because it helps the viewer distinguish between design elements. Select colors that provide a good contrast to make your content more appealing and easier to read. Achieve effective contrast by using colors with different values




In a digital display’s content, every element should be consistent and coherent with each other to establish brand recognition and to avoid confusion amongst the audiences. This can be achieved by having a single theme, a definite color palette encompassing a single message. This makes the message more understandable for audiences because they are properly presented which can prevent information overload.


Additionally, different digital display solutions and signage can have a unified integration to have a specific coherent theme, making the experience – universal. Content Consistency is a concept of having a centralized message for the consumers, it is about delivering a ‘single experience’ to the consumer through various mediums. After all, a brand that is easy to understand, relevant, and relatable, promotes consumer loyalty and patronage.

Remember, content is essential in capturing the minds of your target consumers. It starts with a couple of steps, the identification of the medium that will be used, then a brainstorm of ideas to define the content’s layout and the desired finished product, and finally, a swarm of questions to determine the prioritized message and theme as well as desired colors. The more relatable and appealing your content is, the better it would be.


Digital display solutions are here to stay and will surely be more developed and upgraded in a snap of a finger. Let Inewvation International be your partner in promoting your brand with up-to-the-minute solutions that best fit your requirements.



Aside from providing top-of-the-line LED Display and other Digital Display Solutions, Inewvation International also offers Content Creation & Management. This is the administration of images, audio-visual, or a complete multi-media display. In layman’s term, Pitch-Edit-Approve-Upload-Replace; a five-step guide on how the content creation and management take place.


Creativity won’t be a question to our design team. Diversified thinking, awesome taste, and passion for artistry, all combined to give you the top-quality content you wish to have in your display. All you need is to toss us the idea, what you want to see in your display, then we’ll do the rest.

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Culminating in the Age of Digital Display Innovation
For the second quarter of 2018, Inewvation International continues to
Culminating in the Age of Digital Display Innovation
07 / 02 / 18

For the second quarter of 2018, Inewvation International continues to be on the lead with all of the company’s recently awarded projects embodying the company tenet- quality is everything.
Inewvation International has always been one of the forerunners in providing up-to-the-minute digital display solutions in the Asia Pacific, changing the status-quo from static advertising to digital, paving a new direction not only to businesses but also to the digital world.



Inewvation International continues to conquer the market with its recent Digital Display Solutions installations at the Hong Kong International Airport. Several large format displays were placed all over the place, ranging from 21.5 inches up to 85 inches and a pitch 1.5 LED Display, which served as the highlight of the renowned airport. The high-definition LED Display and LFDs not only enhanced the aesthetics of the airport, but it has also improved the experience of passengers through its grand beauty.


Penshoppe, one of the most prominent clothing brands in the Philippines, added another set of LED Displays to the brand’s repertoire of displays and this time, in SM City Cebu. 2 sets of pitch 3 mm Inewvation Ergo Series were installed at the shop, further emphasizing Penshoppe’s digital shift.


Additionally, a pitch 3.9 mm Inewvation Slim Series was installed at SM City Telebastagan, Pampanga, and a pitch 3 mm Inewvation Ergo Series at Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.



Adidas Philippines also joins the fray by having the Inewvation Slim Series installed at their store at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The pitch 3.9 mm LED Display serves as a digital attraction to passersby and onlookers, generating the more potential market for the esteemed brand.



Häfele Philippines Inc. also upscaled their Head Office by having two sets of the Inewvation DIP Fixed Type installed on their façade. The pitch 10 mm Inewvation DIP Fixed Type LED Display serves as an attraction and as an effective medium of communication between the brand and its audience.


Additionally, a pitch 4 mm Inewvation Slim Series was also installed at their Lobby, playing advertisements and videos promoting their products and services through an avant-garde setting.



As for the media sector, Bloomberg Philippines upgraded their game with the Inewvation Slim Series pitch 3.9 mm LED Display. This will be used for their broadcasts and high-definition feeds.





On the other hand, ESPN Philippines has also improved their studio with the Inewvation 86” UHD Display (Touch). This new addition helps them improve themselves at the same time, to cope up with the fast-changing digital world.





Potato Corner, on the other hand, has also opted to go digital through the Inewvation Crytal Lightbox installed at its shop in UP Town Center, leveling up the famous brand.


LED-powered lightboxes have universal brightness, making them effective attention grabbers that allure passersby- this factor is especially important in customer engagement.




As digital display solutions persist to thrive and saturate the market, we at Inewvation International will continue to stay true to our commitment to design and customize, deliver and install, create and manage attractive and enticing contents, and provide excellent after-sales-service with utmost quality and precision possible.


Indulge in the true expression of digital innovation only with Inewvation International.