Lightbox: More Than Just A Static Display
08 / 05 / 18

While Digital Display Solutions have been taking over the industry, we are able to see various inventions and innovations in technology, proving that digital is the future. However, we can still observe several static billboards, banner ads, or lighted static ads, also known as “lightbox”.


What is Lightbox?

A Lightbox is a lighted display panel commonly used for advertising purposes. The panel can be illuminated by fluorescent light bulbs or LED lighting strips. For the past years, the value of lightbox has improved as the LED technology has been introduced.


A content is inserted in the lightbox which can also be changed easily. Some lightboxes are designed specifically for outdoor purposes and durable ones with higher ingress protection level.


Often seen and used at airports, corporate offices, events, shopping malls, retail shops, out-of-home advertising spaces, public transportation, and more, these are being utilized to advertise brands and deliver messages (e.g. events, special discount, promo, and so on.

The Inewvation Lightbox has two types: Snap-on and Magnetic. With Snap-on Lightbox, you may change the content by snapping-off the four corner locks. While with Magnetic Lightbox, you will be needing a suction cup to remove the acrylic cover.


Inewvation Lightbox Series utilizes the latest LED backlit technology – a customized, high-quality LED light that illuminates a dot-matrix light guide panel, produced with their laser technology machine, resulting to uniformity of brightness from top to bottom, side to side.




Comprised of unique features, Inewvation Lightbox is energy-efficient, thin, lightweight, easy-to-install and has easy content replacement process.


In addition to typical lightbox, Inewvation International also offers:


  • Frameless Lightbox Series


This lightbox series features a large format display panel fits for spacious retail stores and advertising spaces. It utilizes the latest backlit technology, is customizable in terms of size and colors, and has an even distribution of light across the light canvass fabric.



  • Double-sided Lightbox Standee Series


This one can go places with its attachable wheels, making it movable. It utilizes the same technology with the Snap-on and Magnetic ones. This lightbox differs as it can have two different contents at the front and back. This is rechargeable and may last from 6 to 8 hours without direct power supply.




  • Dynamic Lightbox Series


This is a programmable lightbox as the distribution of lights can be modified depending on the shapes and image in the material. It features an animated-like display and best fits for retail shops, restaurants and out-of-home advertising spaces. While the size, thickness, color and brightness levels are customizable, it also has an energy-saving setting for both indoor and outdoor applications.




Inewvation International help you in putting your perspective into reality, while keeping its core – quality is everything.

Indulge in the true expression of the digital experience only with Inewvation International.


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