Digital Kiosk: Transcending The Age of Digital Display
09 / 05 / 18




Digital Display Solutions have definitely taken over the industry of advertising displays. These are often present at retail shops, restaurants, highways, and more. Back then, the images that are originally for the audiences’ eyes, became tangible and tactile through interactive viewing and engaging applications.

What is Digital Kiosk?

Digital Kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment and education. Early digital kiosks resembled telephone booths, but have been embraced by retail, food service, hospitality and other industries for the past years to improve customer service and engagement. These tools are usually placed in high traffic settings such as shops, hotels, lobbies, restaurants and airports.


The integration of technology allows digital kiosks to perform a wide range of functions, evolving to self-service kiosks. Nowadays, kiosks may enable users to order from a shop’s catalogue when items are not in stock, order menus from restaurants and food chains, check out a library book, look up information about products, issue a hotel key card, enter a public utility bill account number in to perform an online transaction, collect cash in exchange of merchandise, and many more. Digital Kiosks may be configured with a large variety of peripherals, including thermal printers, media players, magnetic and smart card readers, proximity sensors and QR/barcode scanners, cameras and more.


A digital kiosk works for literally anyone who has a story to tell, a message to deliver and an audience to engage with. It is more like have a literal conversation as it requires both intended messages and a user who drives the experience by getting only the information he/she wants to be in touch with.


Data tracking can help brands in identifying what their most popular content in digital kiosk is, as well as counting the number of users they are connecting with, what content is being viewed and for how long – which are immeasurable with other media.

It also has a higher engagement level because of the interaction it provides. By giving the audience the opportunity to interact with the messages, they are more likely to remember and retain, and therefore, return.

At present, there are lots of providers offering Digital Kiosks and Digital Displays, but there is definitely nothing like Inewvation International.


Inewvation International offers a wide array of digital display solutions that are tailor-made for its partners. Aside from LED Displays, Lightboxes, and LCD Screens, Inewvation International also provides Digital Kiosks for brands on various industries. All of these can be fully customized to fit any applications and executions.


  • Inewvation Digital Kiosk Portrait Design (Touch or Non-touch)


With different designs and sizes, the Inewvation Digital Kiosk Portrait Design can be either “touch or non-touch”, allowing the store owners to display their products and services attracting more customers while giving them an exciting visual experience. This Digital Kiosk has an infrared screen with 6 up to 32-point touch system and an integrated Windows Operating System. It has a high-definition display with noise reduction technology, an image enhancement engine, integrated digital comb filter, low-power mode, and customizable stand design.




  • Inewvation Digital Kiosk Landscape Design (Touch)


The Inewvation Digital Kiosk Landscape Design perfectly fits to the areas with high foot traffic count as it provides access to information, entertainment and e-commerce applications. The integrated infrared screen with 6 up to 32-point touch system transforms the users’ finger into a navigator – making any content touch-capable. This digital kiosk can be a way-finder, a gaming platform or a procedural guide for retails, hotel lobbies, banks, schools, and more. It is also equipped with a Windows Operating System that is compatible with different applications and may also support a vast array of audio, video and image formats from other platforms.




  • Inewvation Outdoor Digital Kiosk Portrait Design (Outdoor Touch Display)


The Inewvation Outdoor Digital Kiosk is designed to provide the audience an internet access, touch-capable way finder, and information in one source. It also has an optional lightbox for advertisements, equipped with high-definition and high-brightness LCD Display that is readable even with direct sunlight. It also has a pro-cap touch screen that has a 10-point touch system for flexible interaction and smooth calibration, and a Windows Operating System. This Digital Kiosk is best for transportation terminals (e.g. train stations, bus terminals), malls, schools, and other outdoor locations accessible to the public.




Being one of the pioneers in Digital Displays Solutions in Asia Pacific, Inewvation International offers not only LED Displays, but also Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks and Lightboxes. Moreover, Inewvation International designs and customizes products, provides fast delivery and efficient installations, creates and manages content and has an excellent after-sales service.


Indulge in the true expression of the digital experience only with Inewvation International.


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