The Aesthetic Evolution of Advertising Displays
Today, it is undeniable that Digital Display Solutions have dominated
The Aesthetic Evolution of Advertising Displays
04 / 02 / 18

Today, it is undeniable that Digital Display Solutions have dominated the trend and is taking the center-stage in almost all industries. Although static displays are still alive these days, the digital display is definitely taking over and is becoming a norm.


Static advertisements have been used by businesses to advertise and deliver information since the 70’s. Gigantic tarpaulins and signages overlook bustling cities; posters and banners were literally everywhere, and brochures together with leaflets were handed over and there to generate more potential clients.


As the tides of the time go by, the paradigm of advertising displays also shifted and evolved drastically. Static billboards were changed to LED Displays; posters and banners to LCD TVs or Large Format Displays (LFDs); and a whole lot more.


Before, the goal of advertising displays is just mainly for promotion and brand recognition, but these end-goals have also changed with time. Now they’re utilized to aid the consumers, as well as make their experience a whole lot smoother while promoting brand loyalty.




So why the paradigm shift?


Years ago, static advertisements, especially the big ones were the talk of the town. Brands needed to be creative with their billboards to catch their audience’s attention while showing everything all at once to maximize their expenses. Replacing the contents were so costly back then too, as they would need to relay-out, reprint, reinstall the poster/billboard to the structure. All of these involves a lot of manpower too. Not to mention that during typhoon seasons, these billboards need to be rolled down to avoid possible collateral damages or any untoward incidents.


Apart from creative and effective marketing strategies,  the trend before was to have public figures serve as the face of the advertisement. However, because of the paradigm shift, aside from having such public figures in the forefront, having an attractive content and substance embedded in the advertisement became vital as well. It all became about execution, complexity, appalling beauty and enticing colors. What matters is creating an impact, an impression, and a relationship between the consumers and the brand itself.


As the time went by, more visually appealing contents and creative executions of moving images captivated the eyes and hearts of consumers, making it an effective avenue of conveying messages. In fact, according to a research by Marieb, E., and Hoehn, K in 2006, entitled, ‘Human Anatomy & Physiology (7th Edition)‘ almost 50% of the human brain is involved in visual processing, and that we can grasp a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second. Meaning, visually attractive graphics are more effective.



This is the reason why moving, colored graphics and are so impactful in this day and age, particularly in advertising. People love seeing moving images, interacting with them, and experiencing them. This is why we are more likely to be drawn to something interactive rather than static.


This human behavior explains why digital displays are so valuable for businesses nowadays. They offer so much more than just a message – they invite people to experience like no other.

Truly, the world of digital display solutions will continue to progress, move forward, and evolve hand in hand with time. There may be a lot of display providers, but there’s definitely none like Inewvation International.


Know more about the different kinds of Digital Display Solutions and LED Displays that Inewvation International has to offer, via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube.


Indulge in the true expression of digital innovation only with Inewvation International.

Starting the Year Right
  Inewvation International kicks off the 1st Quarter of 2018 wit
Starting the Year Right
04 / 02 / 18


Inewvation International kicks off the 1st Quarter of 2018 with successful installations for various industries, charting-off projects while continuously embodying its core – quality is everything.


Inewvation International has always been a forerunner in providing up-to-the-minute digital display solutions, steadily changing the conventional display into digital, paving the way to the age of digital display solutions.






Inewvation International takes pride as it finishes a number of consecutive projects with international brands and companies. Recently, Inewvation International has installed a 10 mm pitch Inewvation Brix Series on Citibank Indonesia’s building facade with a size of 23 square meters. As for Ted Baker in Singapore, a 65″ Inewvation Digital Signage was mounted at their storefront. Additionally, Inewvation International’s project in Hong Kong International Airport is still on-going and as of now, the second part of the project was already finished, several large format display screens were installed all over the Shilla Duty Free in HKIA’s Terminal One. These top brands continue to embrace the digital age by choosing the modern technology in keeping up with the trends in the industry.





Inewvation International continues to conquer the market with its recent LED Display installations at Hafele, Toy Kingdom, Go Sport, Lipa Medix Medical Hospital, Soro-Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, and Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center.


For Hafele, a pitch 2.6 mm, Inewvation Slim Series LED Display was installed in their showroom, enticing guests while providing entertainment. Hafele, one of the most prominent companies in the furniture and architectural hardware industry opted for LED Displays to further maximize their showroom’s product showcase.


As for Toy Kingdom, a pitch 4 mm, fully-customized cylindrical column LED Display, measuring up to almost 12 square meters, serves as an invitation for kids and parents alike to continue the digital experience inside their store at SM Mall of Asia. The well-known toy store uses their new LED Display to showcase their wide variety of toys, gizmos, and gadgets, keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to technology.


Meanwhile, a pitch 3 mm, Inewvation Ergo Series, measuring up to 15 square meters was installed at Go Sport, truly uplifting the store to a whole new level. Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) one of Asia’s premier dental clinics.



Lipa Medix Medical Hospital and Soro Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, both upscaled their establishments with top-of-the-line LED Displays. Lipa Medix installed a pitch 16 mm DIP Fixed-Type Outdoor LED Display, while for Soro-Soro, a pitch 10 mm Inewvation Brix Series, measuring up to a total of 14 square meters was installed adding more digital vibe and alluring more people. Lipa Medix utilizes their new digital display to show people of their facilities and various services while Soro Soro uses their display for promotions of their establishments and for their information dissemination.







Megaworld Corporation and Karen Millen chose the elegance of LCD Screens to aid their respective establishments in disseminating information while presenting their audiences their products and services.








Kashieca and Marugame improved their shop by placing the Inewvation Frameless Lightbox and the Inewvation Snap-On Customizable Lightbox, upscaling both shops’ aesthetics.


Meanwhile, TOSOT has also opted to go digital through the Inewvation Snap-On Lightbox installed in their premises, leveling up their game.


LED-powered Lightboxes have universal brightness so bringing them into retail shops and even offices endow the facility illuminating vibrancy and glamor that charms the people.


As digital display and advertising solutions persist to thrive and saturate the market, we at Inewvation International will continue to stay true to our commitment to design and customize, deliver and install, create and manage attractive and enticing contents, and provide excellent after-sales-service with utmost quality and precision possible.


Indulge in the true expression of digital innovation only with Inewvation International.



The Basics of Pixel Pitch
One of the most common terms that we hear when talking about LED Disp
The Basics of Pixel Pitch
03 / 08 / 18

One of the most common terms that we hear when talking about LED Display, is the word ‘pixel pitch’, often referred as ‘pitch’. Unknown to many, pitch plays a vital role in having the perfect LED Display for each and every business or brand.

Pixel Pitch is a fundamental factor of a screen’s viewing distance as it defines the resolution of the LED screen, ergo, the lower the pitch, the crisper the content.



Take note: the lower the pitch, the more diodes can be fitted together on a screen. 


The magic of pixel pitch is the distance between the diodes affect how we see the images, for example, the higher the pitch of an LED Screen is, the better it looks from afar. High pixel pitch LED Displays, ranging from 16 – 50 mm are best for billboards and locations that are high above on the ground.


On the other hand, there’s also an increase in demand for low pixel pitch LED Displays as more and more business see the benefits of having a high-resolution LED Display. A lot of them are now making their lobbies bespoke, their conference room’s techie, and their offices an epitome of technology. Low pixel pitch are optimum for up-close viewing without any risk of eyestrain.







Digital Displays that will be installed above eye-level should have higher pitches coherent to the screen size, as well as the Displays that are meant for long-distance viewing like highway billboards. On the other hand, Displays that are installed in up-close viewing set-ups like hallways, retail shops, backdrop., etc. work best with lower pitches.


Below is an example of optimum viewing distances for some screen:






Indoor LED Displays range from the lowest pitch possible up to the bare minimum, but the ideal pitches would go around pitch 1.5 mm up to pitch 4 mm. As for the outdoor LED Displays, the perfect range would be from pitch 6 mm at the least, up to pitch 50 mm at the most.






As for the execution, the pitch of an LED Screen should always be in line with its intended use. For instance, the contents of your digital display will be high-definition graphics, low pitch LED Display will be your best pick. As for digital billboards that are far from eye-level, their pitch options are high enough to be seen from afar, but still at a bare minimum level to maintain the clarity of the image.




Screen size is also a crucial factor in determining the perfect pixel pitch for your display. This is because the screen size, as well as the pixel pitch, are correlated in a lot of ways. The smaller your screen would be, the lower the display’s pitch should be, this is to avoid pixelated images and cropped contents.



There is always a case-to-case basis in terms of choosing the right medium for each execution but finding the right specifications for your digital display won’t be too much of a hassle, as Inewvation International is here to guide you every step of the way.


Inewvation International is one of the first providers of LED Display, and a pioneer in digital advertising solutions in Southeast Asia. Inewvation offers not only LED Displays but also Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks, and Lightboxes. Furthermore, Inewvation designs and customizes products, provides fast delivery and efficient installation, creates and manages content has an excellent after-sales service while preserving its core value – where quality is everything.


Indulge in the true expression of the Digital Experience only with Inewvation International.


To learn more about Inewvation International’s wide variety of products and services visit us at our website, or connect with us at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discuss digital display solutions that are perfect for you and your brands.




Why Go Digital?
Digital age, also known as the information age, is known for its conc
Why Go Digital?
02 / 21 / 18

Digital age, also known as the information age, is known for its concept of capturing the omnipresent nature of computing and the prolific use of technology in almost all aspects of human activity such that digital interaction is a defining characteristic of human activity.


From smart phones to menu boards, way finders, gaming consoles, queuing systems and the likes, it is undeniable that the world is already dominated by technology: mainly, the industry of Digital Display Solutions, which then prompts business shift into digital.


Digital Display Solutions can serve a number of different purposes for a variety of applications. In advertising particularly, these tools can make your brand stand out from the rest. With a bright, vivid crystal clear display, you can capture the attention of passersby instantly,  while promoting your desired message or content, thus, making them far more advantageous than conventional ones.


Some notable advantages of LED Displays are the following:

  • Captivating Beauty 


First on the list of advantages is its captivating color and graphic motion, capable of showing creative executions from simple to complex – making it a head turner when properly positioned.


Also LED Displays, can provide high-quality images by enhancing the contrast and enriching the range of colors that it can showcase. It produces flicker-free images to reduce eye fatigue, eye strains, and headaches to viewers.


  • Amplifying Power 


LED Displays have the power to retain advertisements or “ads” in the minds of its audiences due to its long exposure and continuous playback. It is also able to transmit different information to consumers, improving the reach as well as the efficiency of the ads.


  • Reliable and Efficient 


Aside from looking too grandiose, light emitting diodes are a lot better than the conventional because they are brighter in color and thinner in weight. It’s also energy efficient and environment-friendly for its dissipates heat easily. LED Displays can last up to 100,000 burning hours or more than 10 years of 24-hour non-stop use. Plus, it requires from little to almost no maintenance and is highly resistant to damage.



  • Creative Execution and Versatility


Digital Displays are customizable, an epitome of endless possibilities. Contents can also be seen from long distances, and it even has wide-viewing angles which makes it an effective advertising tool.


It also presents unique video opportunities,  where you can display specific content at designated times. You can essentially deliver different ads at different time intervals, transmitting unique information to unique audiences, thus effectively targetting multiple market niches.


Aside from the fact that you can play its contents on a loop, it also supports various players, input sources, and can be manipulated even online.


Moreover, you can connect certain devices to LED Displays and Digital Signage, transforming them into interactive mediums which are able to do perform complex executions like augmented reality and other interesting feats.


  • Innovative and Ingenious 


LED Displays are also able to automatically adjust its temperature, color, and brightness to completely blend to its surroundings. This reduces the risk of any untoward incidents and distraction among passersby.


  • Unique Customer Experience 


Currently, a lot of people have been doing their shopping online, as well as their other activities via the internet. However, physical shopping has always been a different experience especially for shoppers who stumble upon interactive shops endowed with different LED Displays, Digital Signages, Kiosks as well as light boxes.



According to a study by a retail website, I Am Omnichannel, 70% of women and 50% of men think of shopping as a way of entertainment. At the same time, 70% of customers think digital signage is entertaining. And 30% of customers who engage with an interactive retail display end up making a purchase.


Through digital display, shopping has been made more fun than ever. Naturally, we as the fun-loving humans that we are, have a tendency to do things that we find entertaining and take time out of our lives to do.

Thus, increasing the entertainment and interactive element of shopping has become a focus of retailers almost anywhere.

Interactive digital displays are seen as more engaging than the traditional static one and the fact they tend to impress and amaze consumers in an unexpected way, helps different brands to stand out.


Today, interactive digital displays are getting recognized as customer experience enhancing tools – tools that make shopping even better than ever.


Take advantage of digital display solutions today! When utilized correctly, digital display can be advantageous to almost every type of business. All you need is the right mix of creativity and value, to catch the attention of your customers.


Finding the right partner on your digital display won’t be too much fo a job, as Inewvation International’s got your back.


Inewvation International is one of the first providers of LED Displays, and a pioneer in digital advertising solutions in the South East Asia Market. Inewvation offers not only LED Displays but also Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks, and Lightboxes.

Inewvation International Ends 2017 with a Strong Finish
Inewvation International heads for a momentous finale for 2017 as the
Inewvation International Ends 2017 with a Strong Finish
12 / 20 / 17

Inewvation International heads for a momentous finale for 2017 as the company continues to pursue excellence with its recently finished projects for the 4th quarter of 2017 which are all noteworthy.


Inewvation International has always been a leader in providing up-to-the-minute digital display solutions, ushering forth the age of digital display.





Inewvation International continues to conquer the international market with its recent installations at Royal Sporting House, at the ION Orchard  and at Lacoste located at The Paragon, both situated in Singapore. Inewvation has installed a 98” UHD Display to Royal Sporting House and a 65” UHD Display to Lacoste, upscaling both of their stores. Also, Inewvation has installed 6 sets of 65” and a 49“ Digital Signage for FWD Life Insurance’s Experience Store at SCBD, Jakarta Indonesia.




2017 was an abundant year for Inewvation International as the company successfully gains two more big achievements.

Inewvation has installed the largest Outdoor LED Display in the Philippines at a well-known casino in the Entertainment City with a total size of 1,318 sqm. The enormous LED Screen is also a top-of-the-line Wind-thru LED Display with a pixel of pitch 20 mm optimum for long-distance viewing. Consequently, Inewvation has also installed the first Feather Series in the Philipines with a pixel pitch of 10 mm at Bench’s Flagship Store, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.





Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) also chose digital as new LED Displays were installed at their branches at Vertis North and SM Megamall. VLink Inc. also upgraded their aesthetics through Inewvation’s Digital Kiosks which were installed in  Robinson’s Galleria.





Popular brands SFERA and Bench also opted for a more digital vibe through availing Inewvation International’s lightboxes that shone brilliance on their stores, leveling up the shopping experience.



As digital advertising solutions persist to thrive and saturate the market, we will continue to hold true to our commitment to customize, deliver, install, and, provide excellent after-sales service with utmost quality and precision possible.


Be a part of Inewvation’s journey. Together, let’s shape the future.

Inewvation, Ushering The Age of Digital Display
Through the course of the year, Inewvation continues to chart-off pro
Inewvation, Ushering The Age of Digital Display
10 / 05 / 17

Through the course of the year, Inewvation continues to chart-off projects not only in the Philippines but also overseas, continuously embodying its principle – where quality is everything.


Inewvation International has always been the leading provider of up-to-the minute digital display solutions, steadily aiding the change from conventional display to digital, paving the way to the future.





Inewvation takes pride as it finishes another International Project at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Football republic added digital aesthetics to their shop at KLCC Suria Mall in Petronas Tower, namely, Inewvation Ergo Series III Pitch 3.9 mm, a 55” Double-sided Digital Kiosk – Portrait Design (Non-touch), another 55” Table-top Digital Kiosk – Landscape Design (Touch), and two sets of Digital Signage.


Prominent clothing line Bench beautified their premises with Pitch 3.9 mm Inewvation Slim Series that adorned their lobby at Bench Tower, Bonifacio Global City.


Lowe Alpine has also added 4 units of Curve OLED LG Digital Signage to their place adding more to the digital vibe of the store.





Empire East also leveled-up with their newly installed 2 sets of Pitch 8 mm SMD Fixed-Type at Mango Tree Residences, San Juan City.


Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) has also upscaled their Dental Clinic at S Maison Mall, Pasay through adding the Pitch 3.9 mm Inewvation Slim Series to their grounds.


Cignal TV, one of the country’s top media companies also embraced the digital age through placing  Pitch 1.875 Inewvation Ergo Series III at  Cignal Experience Center, Mandaluyong.




A massive LED screen measuring up to 1,318 sqm at one of the most prominent casinos in the Philippines will unveil soon at the Entertainment City. This LED Screen is a Pitch 20 mm Inewvation Wind-Thru Series and is seen from kilometers away.


Meanwhile, another distinguished casino in the Philippines also opted for a more elegant display for their prestigious premises by installing a number of LED screens.


They’ve added a couple of the Pitch 2.5 mm Inewvation Ergo Series III to their Columns, and even installed another Pitch 3.9 mm of the same product to their drop-off, and another Pitch 2.6 mm at their restaurant.


While the most celebrated addition to their ensemble is their hotel front which has 2 sets of Pitch 10 mm SMD Fixed Type that was second to use Nichia Japan diode brand.







Ayala Theatre Mall moves toward progress as they have installed a 55” LG Digital Signage at Glorieta 4 Cinemall in Makati. Meanwhile, Megaworld upped their digital game through plotting a 65” Digital Signage on their place which allow users to navigate their condominiums namely the Maple Grove, St. Moritz, and the Albany.





Biobalance has also improved their store by placing two sets of Inewvation Frameless Lightbox accompanied by a Double-sided Frameless Lightbox inside their store at EDSA Shangri-La.


As digital advertising solutions persist to thrive and conquer the market, Inewvation shall hold true to its commitment in providing high-quality products and services to its clients locally and internationally.


Be a part of Inewvation’s journey. Together, let’s embrace the digital world.


Inewvation at SIP 2017
For the second time around, Inewvation International takes part at th
Inewvation at SIP 2017
08 / 31 / 17

For the second time around, Inewvation International takes part at the annual Systems Integration Philippines (SIP), not just as an exhibitor but also as the Official Digital Display Solutions Partner of the esteemed event held August 17 to 19, 2017.

Now on its 15th year, the SIP has been the only trade show in the country where corporate professionals’ expand their network and find new technologies to help them further advance and innovate their businesses.

During the exhibit, the 55” Inewvation Digital Kiosk Landscape Design (Touch) with a 10-point touch system, integrated with Windows 7 Operating System was showcased. This product is a perfect fit for all business sectors. Aside from that, the Inewvation Ergo Series III has also shown promise being the highlight of the booth having a pitch of 1.875 mm, the crisp and fine display caught the attention of passersby and has successfully piqued the interest of the people. The pitch 2.9 mm E-Banner Slim was also showcased in the event, adding glamour and elegance with its fashionable and dazzling display.

As the Official Digital Display Solutions Partner of Globalink, Inewvation further showcased its products at the lobby of the World Trade Center where the exhibit was held. People going in are met by the pitch 4 mm Inewvation Ergo Series III, located at the entrance. The 55” Inewvation Digital Kiosk Portrait Design (Touch) was also present at the entrance which served as a way finder and schedule reminder. The 84” UHD Display (Touch) was also admired by people at the buffet area near the stage, entertaining visitors as they enjoy scrumptious meals and informative talks.

Through the years, Systems Integration Philippines continues to upgrade and network businesses to pave the way for a more ingenious and progressive market here in the Philippines. As for us at Inewvation International, we shall continue to provide pioneering and up-to-the minute digital display solutions to further advance the LED Industry.

Inewvation on Track
For the second quarter of 2017, Inewvation International continues to
Inewvation on Track
08 / 02 / 17

For the second quarter of 2017, Inewvation International continues to be on the lead with all of our recently awarded projects embodying the company tenet- quality is everything. Inewvation International has always been a pioneer in providing up-to-the minute digital advertising solutions in Southeast Asia, slowly changing the status-quo from static advertising to digital, paving a new direction not only to businesses but also to the digital world.


Just the Right Mix of Technology and Ambience


NDRRMC keeps up with the digital world with its pitch 1.875 mm Ergo Series III LED Display. With a new screen at their disposal, it is almost certain that the government agency will be able to monitor and ensure public welfare and protection during disasters and emergencies. Penshoppe steps up the shopping experience for its customers with its new set of aesthetic displays.  Penshoppe’s East Ortigas, CDO Premiere, Muntinlupa, and Laoag branches boast their newly-installed pitch 3 mm Ergo Series III and a pitch 3 mm Slim Series that added more elegance to the famous store. On the other hand, TRILEX Builders and Construction Supply Inc. bestowed a techie-feel on DMCI’s boardroom with an Ergo Series III, pitch 3 mm LED Display. Also, T.A. Fresco availed a pitch 10 mm DIP Fixed Type LED Screen for their Tomas Morato Office, which added a technophile vibe to the place.





Added Artistry


Prominent clothing lines, Bench Body and Kashieca keeps on beautifying their retail outlets by installing Snap-on, Frameless, and Magnetic Lightboxes. A Snap-on Lightbox was also installed at Bench Barbers, Market Market. All these Lightboxes don’t only showcase the latest products and services of the establishments, but they also add elegance to their respective stores.




A New Approach to Advertising


Solaire Resort and Casino just took the game to the next level by installing two 49”Digital Portrait Kiosks that doesn’t only show advertisements, but can also cater valuable customer service and navigation. Oceanville Hotel and Spa Corporation on the other hand, leveled-up with the Digimedia Series installed in their establishment. With the digital signage bringing images to life, their displays looked more enticing and captivating for viewers, gaining more attention, and potential market.





As digital advertising solutions persist to thrive and conquer the market, we shall hold true to our commitment to customize, deliver, install, and, provide excellent after sales service with utmost quality and precision possible. Be part of our journey. Together, let’s shape the future.

Quality over Brightness: Answer to the “Glowing Distraction”
“Are LED billboards supposed to be bright in order for them to be n
Quality over Brightness: Answer to the “Glowing Distraction”
08 / 01 / 17

“Are LED billboards supposed to be bright in order for them to be noticed?” That was one of the many questions people traversing along LED-lit roads ask themselves according to several blog sites and social media posts.







LED billboards are both creative and wonderful sources of information. Moreover, it is undeniably eye-catching.


It was meant to be eye-catching in a sense that it is entertaining, however, that’s not the case for some LED billboards. Several people are already complaining about the glaring light of the LED screens which they describe as ‘blinding’ especially when it’s raining or almost pitch-black. There are also LED screens that use white flashes of light when changing from one ad to another to attract viewers.


This way, no matter how good the content of the ad is, the target audience won’t appreciate it due to intense brightness.


According to a book by Karl H.E Kromer entitled, Fitting the Human: Introduction to Ergonomics: Human Factors Engineering, Seventh Edition, the upper limit of human visual tolerance to luminance is about 10,000 cd/m2 (candela square per meter), which is still subject to other factors like a dull or bright environment, viewing distance, weather conditions, etc.


LCD screens may have an average brightness level of 300 cd/m2 or a 55” Industrial grade LCD will be at 500 cd/m2. An indoor LED screen would normally have a brightness of 2,500 cd/m2 whereas a large outdoor LED screen could have a brightness of more or less 8,000-10,000 cd/m2. However, the brightness level of LED displays can’t be adjusted that easily unlike our smart phones and LCD screens.


Some LED billboards are said to be so bright because its luminosity makes up for the quality of the content. To display the content properly some LED screens need to up the brightness level which results in discomfort among passersby and drivers who can’t help but look at the screens.


LED screens are now seen as a perfect publicity medium because as businesses grow, new and improved methods of advertising are needed and that’s exactly what LED screens offer -innovation and ingenuity.


Fortunately, Inewvation’s LED displays are equipped with Photoelectric Lighting Control System or often referred to as ‘Smart Lighting’ which detects the current ambient light level which measures how bright and dark the external light is. This technology allows Inewvation’s LED Screens to reduce its brightness when it’s dark and adjust itself automatically when needed.


Lighting control systems are widely used for both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. It is used to regulate and provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed.


This kind of technology is already proven effective in some of our smart phones when the feature auto-adjust brightness is enabled, which is basically the same thing.


Through this technology, Inewvation’s LED displays don’t only conserve energy and burning hours but reduce eye strain without compromising quality. This technology also helps the onlookers to enjoy the spectacle of lights and advertisements played on the LED screens.


To know more about Inewvation International and our wide-array of products, feel free to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all @INEWVATION.

LED vs. LCD: Explaining the Pros and Cons
As the tides of time move, technology is developing at a rapid pace.
LED vs. LCD: Explaining the Pros and Cons
07 / 01 / 17

As the tides of time move, technology is developing at a rapid pace. With all these changes, almost everything is shifting towards the digital world.


From the old ways of print advertising to the moving images of today, it is indeed undeniable that times have changed. Through advertising’s glorious evolution, it has gained enough power to be able to convey information and influence people from all over the world.


They are all around us. We pass by them on our way to work, while running errands, fetching kids from school, road trips, the digital display is almost everywhere.


Signage and billboards have been around for many years, but have gained more popularity during the past years because of digital displays.  Small and big companies are opting to engage in digital signs instead of traditional signage methods.


Compared to static signage, it is proven through research that digital advertisements captivate more eyes and retains more information regarding the product or brand in the mind of the passersby compared to the former.


Due to the advantages of the digital display, there is no doubt that it is the most effective way to advertise in this era. The only question is, are we using the right medium to convey our intended message?


Both have their own unique features together with individual pros and cons, but we have thinned up the table to compare important facts to help you choose between the two.


Widely used indoors but has limitations outdoor Can be utilized both indoor and outdoor
Can execute simple contents Can execute complex contents
Brightness level

500 cd/m2for indoor

2,000 cd/m2 for outdoor

Brightness level

1,200 cd/m2for indoor

10,000 cd/m2 for outdoor

For maintenance, the whole panel should be replaced For maintenance, just replace the affected diodes or modules
Lasts 50,000 burning hours or almost 6 years Lasts for 100,000 burning hours which translates to 11 years





Going for digital display will always be a good choice for businesses, brands, and different campaigns to be easily recognized and engraved in the memory of the target audience.


As we continue to embrace this change in the field of advertising, we can expect more improvement in the field of technology.


Different advertising mediums are applicable in different situations and products that are why the intensive and thorough study is needed. There are a lot of things to consider too, your target audience, the ad location, and of course, the content. After all, no matter what medium you use, what’s important is if the medium you chose conveyed the message properly and if it was understood by the audience.


Given the present situation, advertising through digital display is certainly the wisest option. It doesn’t only cut off the long term cost of advertising, but also more accessible and flexible, plus, it adds beauty to the city.


Shift to digital now and together, let’s light up the future.