LED Billboard 101: Advantages of SMD LED Display

Several brands use LED billboard for advertising purposes in the Philippines. But digital displays are used for other things as well like relaying important information, endorsing inspirational messages, or even promoting an upcoming event. Truly, LED billboards have come a long way since its invention. This innovation – which was born only a few years ago – is now a widely used solution for a variety of things!


However, despite its rising popularity, there are still people who remain unaware about the mechanics of LED displays. These displays have two types of LED panels, one of which is SMD. If you are planning to purchase one of these incredible billboards, then it’s important to know all about SMD LEDs and its advantages. This will help you decide which brand to choose and which LED display to buy.


What is SMD Panel?


Surface-mounted device or SMD is one of the two types of LED panels, the other type is called discrete panels. The main difference between the two lies in the way the light-emitting diodes are placed in the chipboard. With SMD technology, a machine is used to mount the LED into the chipset to create SMD LED screens. Meanwhile, discrete LED screens are created by soldering the LEDs into the chipboard.
SMD screens make use of small LEDs placed closely together. This gives SMD displays a smaller pixel pitch and a higher resolution. Recently, more and more LED screens are using the SMD technology.


Advantages of SMD LED Display


SMD LED displays are mostly used indoors. However, outdoor billboards are also now adopting the same technology. Choosing an SMD LED billboard has a lot of advantages:


It gives high brightness level and good lighting distribution. But despite its superior illuminating feature, it uses low voltage and current, resulting in low power consumption.


In addition, surface-mounted device LED billboard offers a wide viewing angle both horizontally and vertically. This is especially helpful if you are planning to place your billboard in a large area with a huge amount of foot traffic. And when it comes to consistency, SMDs are clearly better. SMD screens will surely provide your audience with high brightness and color consistency at every angle! This is a feat that not all displays can achieve.


The contrast level of SMD LED screens is an improvement compared to standard LED screens. Because of its unique design, the illuminated area is small and the dark area is larger, making the contrast ratio better.


SMD LED billboards is lighter compared to other screen displays. Its cabinet is light and sturdy enough not to be easily deformed. On top of that, it’s very easy to assemble and install SMD displays. And lastly, surface-mounted device LED billboards to have a longer life span – it can last for up to 100,000 hours!


It is important to be aware of the product you want to buy before making any purchase. This statement applies even when availing LED billboards. Before choosing a brand or deciding which display to buy, make sure that you know the necessary information about LED billboards first. With that said, surface-mounted device LED billboards to have a lot of advantages over the standard LED billboard. So make sure to get yourself an SMD LED display now!