3 Effective Ways For Maintaining Digital Displays During Pandemic

28 Sep 2020

Digital displays play a vital role in today’s world. Applied in most industries like retail, hospitality, advertising, transportation, and more, these tools have been used by brands and businesses to disseminate information and deliver messages, or even as a source of entertainment. Be it an LED display or a digital signage, digital displays are proven to be technologically advanced tools with cost-effective solutions, providing heightened customer experience.


To get the most out of it, digital displays have to be kept in its best working condition. This means having digital display require regular maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Especially today given the global health crisis, businesses and brands have to utilize digital displays more to enhance operational efficiency, while providing safety measures that help in lessening virus transmission in businesses operations and workplaces.


In this blog, Inewvation International shares 3 helpful tips on how to take care of your digital displays amidst pandemic.


1. Regularly sanitize digital displays (Particularly, the touch screens)

Reopening stores in pandemic, most businesses are making use of digital displays to continue operations while aiding to lessen the virus transmissions by minimizing interactions between staff and customers. Examples for this are digital menu boards showcasing restaurants’ food options for customers’ selection, and digital kiosks with touch capability in ordering in food chains or transacting in banks and hotels.


Digital displays have to be sanitized regularly to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it. Health professionals recommend the usage of alcohol or disinfectant with 70% isopropyl as it guarantees effective kill off of harmful bacteria and viruses. It is also better to spray the cleaning solution on or dampen microfiber cloth to avoid scratches or permanent damages.

Moreover, digital displays naturally collect dusts and fingerprints (even those which do not feature touch capabilities), and these may affect your displays’ outputs or damage sensitive internal components. Thus, regularly cleaning of displays is a must to ensure optimal viewing quality and safety.


2. Periodically inspect cables and power cords for ‘wear and tear’

On a regular basis, power cords and cables connected to digital displays and media players should be checked for possible fraying and improper connectivity. This is to maintain the functionality of digital screens and signage players and regularly ensure that there is no damage or any improper connectivity.


3. Set a schedule of when to turn on and off Digital Displays through signage players

Now that digital displays are being used more often, the risk of it to possibly go overheat or be overused is higher. That is why it is important to remember to unplug the displays from the power source when not used. With the help of signage players, staff or anyone in charge from the business no longer has to manually turn the displays on and off. Signage players now has programming control functions such as programing ads by hour and date, automatic brightness calibration, and scheduled automatic turning on and off of displays.


Additionally, signage players should be cleaned as often as the displays to prevent build-up of dust that might eventually lead to damaging its components.


Taking care of digital displays may not be as easy as cleaning your laptop and phone screens, but the steps mentioned above are simple yet effective ways of maintaining that help to make digital screens run optimally for a long time, and maximized and be advantageous in this trying time.


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