3 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Digital Display Contents

03 Aug 2020

Digital Displays are making an overwhelming presence around the globe.


Several studies have proven its effectivity more than any other mediums. Arbitron said that people pay more attention to digital displays than traditional ones, having a recall rate of 83%. Additionally, a research conducted by SalonSense Media in the U.S. found out that digital signage reaches more people than the internet does. 52% of people age 12 and older remember seeing a digital display video in a public venue over the past week, compared to the internet which gained 43%.


However, the attainable success it provides to businesses and brands has go beyond getting larger number of views and/or higher recalls. For the past years, its primary purpose of disseminating information turned to be just a part of its growing usage. More and more brands are now getting into making customer engagements rather than just aiming for views and recalls.


With this, brands must learn to effectively drive customer engagements via these tools. Among the factors to do so, one must definitely be the art of content creation. It refers to the production of the visual theme of digital displays— moving texts, images, videos, animations, that are usually tailor-made to different purposes (e.g. advertising, corporate). And knowing how to make the most out of your digital displays is not just familiarity with the specifications (i.e. resolution, screen size, viewing distance), or making an advertisement with call-to-action message.


In this blog, Inewvation International shares 3 effective ways on how businesses can maximize their digital displays through contents.


1. Make relevant and informative messages.
Today’s global health crisis created an underlying message of humanity in all sectors. Brands and businesses are encouraged to help the community to lessen the virus transmission and more resilient in adjusting to the “new normal”. As it allows business continuity, brands can transform digital displays to more beneficial tools through making informative and timely contents.


Contents can show a guide what customers should do and should not within a store’s premises, and a reminder of practicing physical distancing, avoiding unnecessary stays in stores, and doing constant health and safety measures. Brands can also make use of it in delivering messages or making announcements to its customers like operating days and hours, stocks availability, sale promotions and more. People are more likely to respond to contents when it relates to their environment and interests.


2. Utilize Content Management Tools
Imagine how big the savings would be if brands will stop the regularly reprinting or replacement of contents materials? Digital displays can actually give them high cost savings by eliminating this and improving operational efficiency. It just takes to know how to utilize content management tools properly.

It starts with a couple of steps— identifying the medium to be used, defining the needed contents, producing the material, and knowing strategically the best time to showcase them.


More digital displays nowadays allow businesses to change contents seamlessly, without manually doing it at the very location. Its continuous innovations come with configuring the displays and uploading contents via internet.


Aside from providing top-of-the-line Digital Displays Solutions, Inewvation International also offers Content Creation & Management, or the administration of images, audio-visual, or a complete multi-media display. In layman’s term, Pitch-Edit-Approve-Upload-Replace; a five-step guide on how the content creation and management take place. Our team has a diversified thinking, awesome taste, and passion for artistry - all combined to give the top-quality contents in any displays for any requirements.


For Content Management Solutions (CMS), Inewvation International also carries DT Research Signage Appliances for efficient deployment of digital display solutions. Can be in display-integrated systems and plug-and-play applications, it allows driving content on the screen while communicating with the server for updates. All DT Research models are accessible over both local and remote networks.


3. Monetize.
According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 4 out of 5 brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in sales through the use of digital screens. Displaying promos, discounts, and announcements as contents is indeed one way of how digital displays help to a greater return of investment to businesses.


Moreover, with the proper content management, it can allow opportunities to gain more profits, like selling advertising spaces to other enterprises. Usually done by out-of-home advertising companies, this maximizes the usage of digital displays and transforms the tools into a revenue-generating one. It makes one physical space efficient to house more than one content at a time, rotating multiple and catering to more ads, and reducing the material reproduction for a more sustainable alternative.


As they say, “content is king”. And it really is.


Making the best out of your digital displays does not just end with installing and coming up with the contents fit your needs. It goes until efficiently knowing and maximizing the endless possibilities digital displays are capable of.


Inewvation International is here to offer the most advanced digital displays and make the best digital solutions in any need for any brands across the world.