4 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Works

11 Nov 2015

Technology is helping us find new ways of doing things. Examples of helpful technological advancements would be that it allows us to hail a cab, look for a restaurant, or listen to music through our mobile phones. A feat that wouldn’t have been possible years ago.

The digital revolution is also making waves in the advertising scene, innovating traditional mediums into digitized versions. In the past, billboards used to be static, standing high above cars and commuters. But today, even here in the Philippines, it’s normal to see LED digital advertising billboardsanywhere.

Digital ads are rampant. It’s the new thing and businesses are taking notice. One by one, companies are making their brands known through these new means. But do they work?


Here is a list of reasons why digital advertising is the right thing for you:


You Can Catch Anyone’s Attention

Digital ads take targeting to a whole new level. The thing with LED digital advertising is they’re extremely hard not to notice. They are big, bright, colorful, and can be easily seen by anyone. Just make sure that the contents of your billboard can be read easily, especially at night. This offers advertisers new ways of targeting their audience for better results.


The Billboard Content Can be Updated Easily

One of the many advantages of LED billboards is that you can have it customized anytime during the day. You can make your billboards relevant to everyone at any time. For instance, you can remind them about road safety in the evening as drivers and commuters are on their way home, all while still promoting your product or service.


It Can Market Your Message Effectively

What other people don’t know about LED advertising is it allows you to focus on creating content that is specifically set towards the demographic in the locality you’ve chosen. This may sound like hard work, and yes you will need a little elbow grease to do this, but think about the audience you can reach if you can craft a message that speaks to them rather than something generic. By having specific strategies geared towards appealing to different kinds of people in different places, you will be able to build a strong relationship with them, a dedication and loyalty all businesses aim for.


Creative and Entertaining Ads Work Better

In a row of billboards, which one will you most likely notice? Other than capturing people’s attention, you must be able to hold their attention long enough to tell them about your business. When you’re stuck on traffic, it’s likely that you’ll notice electronic billboards more than their static counterparts. Electronic billboards doesn’t only come in full color, they also allow you to display animated videos.


Aside from their visual appeal, electronic billboards also open more ways for advertisers to display creative ads. Since with LED billboards, you can display static or video ads, you can mix it up. For instance, you can flash simple graphics or messages on certain hours when traffic is not heavy. Something that will call motorists’ attention as they are driving, but not enough to totally distract them. Then during rush hour, you can display video ads to entertain commuters stuck in heavy traffic.


LED Digital advertising can help strengthen a relationship with your customer and maybe build a new one with other people. It can help emphasize the importance of your product or service in their life, and it can help you create an image that is uniquely you.