Bringing The Future of Guest Experience: The Advantages of INNCOM-Honeywell

15 Jul 2020

In a passage of time, the Hospitality industry has become among the fastest growing and most successful industries globally. As it keeps its growth in acceleration, the industry started to undergo in digital transformation. More and more hotels are acquiring digital technology to their business, like online booking system, guestroom key cards, smart building management system, and a lot more— all to keep up on the market trends and adapt to customer demands.


As it continually embraces the digital shift, just like most industries, the Hospitality industry remains to face some challenges; energy management is one. According to Energy Solutions, energy is the second largest spending category for hotels, next to employment. It represents 3% to 6% of hotels’ operating costs and accounts for approximately 60% of its carbon footprint.


Digital transformation can be cited as one of the possible reasons, and this is diametrically opposite to customer demands nowadays. A recent E.ON survey of 2,000 guests found that 50% actually prefer a sustainable stay— all while admitting to using more energy than ever. This means that customers actually want greener yet technologically advanced hotels, but we can infer that this does not necessarily mean a willingness to go for higher expenses.


Now, the question is: how can hotels be able to meet and balance both the market trends in technology and customer demands to go greener?


In this blog, Inewvation International discusses the benefits of INNCOM-Honeywell Hospitality Solutions — how it helps to meet and balance an optimal guest experience and a properly implemented hotel guestroom energy management.


In 2018, Inewvation International proudly partnered with INNCOM-Honeywell to lead a green and digital transformation in the Philippine Hotel Industry. A well-trusted system designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry, this solution integrates energy control with guest comfort, along with its many functions integral to guestroom systems.


INNCOM-Honeywell makes use of technology that provides all-in-one in-room control, while remaining energy-efficient through a wide range of intelligent devices such as digital thermostats, switches, controllers, door contacts and motion sensors.



Energy Management
REST 2005 reported that energy in hotels is mainly consumed by temperature regulation, representing 69% of the consumption on an average. With INNCOM-Honeywell, smart controllers generate a huge energy savings potential through staged temperature control and efficient energy management, while simultaneously ensuring guest comfort.


The Washington Hilton Hotel – INNCOM study found out that on an average, it assures a 25% - 35% of total in-room savings with 8% - 10% property-wide savings, and two (2) to three (3) years of return on investment.


Guests can also participate to the hotel’s corporate sustainability program through INNCOM-Honeywell’s ecoMODE® - an award-winning, patented special setting available as an option on all styles of E-Series Smart Digital Thermostats, switches, and other touch-screen devices. Through a simple touch of the Green Button, guests activate the thermostat’s enhanced energy-saving mode and effortlessly opt-in to a host of environmentally friendly programs predetermined by the hotel.


Fully Integrated Guest Room Comfort
INNCOM-Honeywell helps hotels to meet and exceed guest expectations - their comfort wishes and preferred ambience levels.


With INNCOM-Honeywell, greeting a guest comes with:

Automatic lights on
Drapes opening to enjoy the view
Adjusting temperature control to guests’ comfort preferences


Wired or Wireless Room Architecture

Whether for newly-built, conversion or refurbishment projects, INNCOM-Honeywell can accommodate any requirements. It deploys devices using its wired proprietary S5 Bus protocol, or implement wireless RF communication to control and integrate systems in the guestroom. For retro-fitted projects, it could utilize existing cabling (depending on feasibility) or thru wireless RF communications.


Additionally, INNCOM works well with most brands for Building Management Systems (BMS), Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Electronic Locking Systems (CELS), Maintenance Management, and other hotel-based systems. INNCOM is networked via a Wired Communications thru Ethernet or RS-485 connections, or via a Wireless Communications thru its own RF Deep Mesh Network.


Energy cost-cutting is imperative. However, hotels must know how to balance cost-cutting efforts while catering to guests’ demands, at the same time. With a cut-throat competition that the hospitality industry has, digital trends and customer demands are two important factors hoteliers must not be sacrificing of.


INNCOM-Honeywell Hospitality solutions is here to simultaneously address (1) guest expectations of comfort, safety, and satisfaction, (2) hotel management’s need for efficiency and reliability, (3) customers’ desire to be with socially and environmentally responsible businesses and hoteliers, and (4) hotels need to generate profits.


The hospitality industry is taking big strides towards a very promising future. With the right partner, hotels can be of their best service, adapting to the market trends, catering to customer demands, and meeting a more environmentally sensitive operations.


Know more, visit: https://inewvationinternational.com/hospitality-solutions/