Changing the Advertising Landscape: The Perks of Digital Displays in OOH

04 May 2020

Out-of-Home or OOH media is any advertising platform that aims to reach consumers when they are outside of their homes. It is designed to grab the attention of people who are on-the-go or in high traffic locations. Used to be relatively limited to concepts like static billboards, signages, and other print ads, OOH advertising is one of the industries which fully embraced the art of digitalization, and now utilizes innovation for reinventing the industry. Nowadays, we see various forms of digital OOH advertising (DOOH) large digital billboards in the cities, digital kiosks at the malls, digital screens at retail stores, and more.


Taking over the advertising industry with its different capabilities, digital signages and outdoor LED displays are the commonly used types of digital displays for OOH.



Depending on the application, brands often use digital interactive kiosks or storefront digital screens for advertising and promotions. In landscape or portrait orientations, digital interactive kiosks can showcase store products and announcements and way-finding applications; while digital screens in storefronts not only attract store visitors, but easily highlight the brand, its products and message, resulting to a heightened customer experience and impression.



While online advertising have become a new trend, out-of-home adverting found its way of being relevant in the industry through outdoor LED displays. Several advertising companies have shifted their way of providing advertising spaces for brands from static billboards to outdoor LED displays. Adapting to the change, advertising companies see the trend to display not 1, not 2, but multiple brands looping day and night, resulting to increasing sales. 




Over the years, digital display solutions have been proven to be an efficient way for brands’ advertising. And more than anyone else, brands are the ones which benefit the most from it.


As they say, people are biologically biased towards visual information. Studies from Intel and Arbitron found out that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, respectively. This addresses brands’ common problems in awareness and retention.


Moreover, according to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2015, digital billboards generate high recall for advertisements. 75% of those who traveled roadways with digital billboards recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month, while 60% observed one in the past week. 55% of respondents who noticed a digital billboard in the past month were highly engaged, perceiving the message on the screen every time they passed by a digital screen. This justifies the opportunity and advantage that digital displays provide in OOH advertising.


For advertising companies, digital displays give them a higher and faster return-of-investment (ROI) conversion through cost savings, improved customer experience and significant sales increase.


One key advantage of using LED displays for outdoor advertising is that the same physical space is sustainable, which can now house more than one ad at a time, without reprinting content materials.  Meaning, a single advertising space can now rotate multiple ads and cater to more brands. Benefiting the advertising companies, the supply for advertisers increases without requiring additional investment in making more advertising space, thus, revenue increases. 


Coincidentally, the problem in road traffic, which is very evident in most countries in Asia Pacific, is an opportunity for an impactful and wider reach of outdoor advertising. Through LED Billboards located outdoors, brands have bigger opportunities to sell and convey their messages to their desired audiences on a large scale, with long exposures.


Digital display solutions indeed shift the advertising landscape, especially OOH. As it continuously innovate and provide flexibility to brands, digital display solutions will always be part of advertising's future.




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