Creating A Sound Environment: Inewvation International Launches Ecophon

27 Jan 2021

Following the launches of Arktura and Muratto, Inewvation International is proudly introducing the third brand joining its Sustainable Building Solutions - Ecophon.


Ecophon was incorporated in 1983 in Sweden, and is part of Saint-Gobain Group, a global leader in construction markets with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation. It develops and manufactures acoustic or sound-absorbing products and systems for architecture.


Today, the brand is headquartered in Hyllinge, Sweden, present in 30 countries worldwide, and has offices in 14 countries.


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Ecophon primarily aims to contribute a good environment in every setting by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance.  It even has its own in-house professor in acoustics and research teams who are always on the front line, maintaining dialogues with research institutes. Moreover, Ecophon has been using eco-friendly materials for its solutions that help in reducing emissions, and decreasing waste.


Ecophon has an wide array of acoustic wall-to-wall ceiling panels, wall panels, clouds, baffles, and screens for a variety of industries including housing, business, government, schools, and other industrial sectors.


Modular Ceilings

Focus - Ecophon Focus is the  most comprehensive system family of the brand. It offers a range of opportunities through different edge designs, forms, levels and installation options, allowing it to be used in most application areas.

Ecophon Launch Blog Application Focus 1024x513


Master - Always at the forefront of acoustic innovation, Ecophon Master is unrivalled in terms of solutions for acoustically challenging environments, providing excellent sound absorption and speech intelligibility.

Ecophon Launch Blog Application Master 1024x513


Hygiene - Ecophon Hygiene is proven performer in several hygienically and clinically demanding environments.

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Gedina - Ecophon Gedina is dependable classic that is an excellent choice when functional requirements are high and design possibilities limited.

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Advantage - Ecophon Advantage guarantees good value-for-money that meets essential requirements regarding acoustics, moisture resistance, and mechanical strength. Available in a limited number of sizes, this aims to provide effortless handling and easy installation.

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Sombra - Ecophon Sombra makes it possible to create just the right sound environment for cinemas and social venues, such as bars and night clubs.

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Super G - Super G has different systems depending on the room activity and impact resistant requirements. The fabric surface is developed to withstand impacts in sport halls and other similar environments.

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Combison - Sound leakage between rooms is a common issue in the modern office landscape. Ecophon Combison provides both sound insulation and sound absorption.

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Access - Corridors and other installation-intensive areas often require frequent and quick access. The Access panels are easy to remove and put back again and will save on costs during the maintenance phase of the building’s lifespan.

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Industry - A good sound environment in manufacturing plants decreases stress and increases safety. This wide range of efficient sound absorbers offers functional solutions for noisy industrial premises.

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Wall Applications

Akusto - A complement to acoustic ceilings, Ecophon Akusto solves acoustic challenges and provides opportunities to adapt any designs and installations. It has an array of colors and different textured finishes to ensure that it suits for several applications.

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Free-hanging Units and Baffles

Solo - Ecophon Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions.

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All designed to bring acoustic environments in modern indoor spaces, Ecophon offers best-in-class, sound-absorbing solutions for better working environments. Each of its products is Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC rated.


Ecophon is now available in the Philippines from Inewvation International’s line for Sustainable Building Solutions.


To know more, visit https://www.ecophon.com/exp, call (+632) 8355-4639, or  email info@inewvationinternational.com