Design Meets Technology: Inewvation International Brings Arktura in the Philippines

20 Jan 2021

Opening the year, Inewvation International proudly introduces Arktura— a global leader in acoustic design solutions offering an expansive library of sound attenuating products for architecture.


Arktura has been at the forefront of architectural design since 2008, delivering groundbreaking products and award-winning custom projects, while working in collaboration with architects and interior designers around the world.


It was pioneered by Rob Kilian, Chris Kabatsi, and Kevin Kane, three architects and former classmates at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Their mission was to combine cutting edge technology with a deep understanding of design, making architectural products and custom manufacturing take on new synergies.


Cobranding 2


Today, Arktura continuously bridges the gaps between design intent and manufacturing capabilities with its elegant and innovative client-driven design solutions that aim to elevate and inspire the places where people live, work, and play. 



Architectural Systems

Arktura’s architectural systems are comprised of products devised to fit to different environments. This includes acoustic solutions, ceiling clouds and baffles, interior and exterior panel systems, and building facades with high and new standards of design aesthetic, adaptability, and product quality.


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Each standardized product is easy-to-use and highly flexible. From overall configuration right down to attachment points, perforations, patterns, and finishes, Arktura’s standardized products are set to meet any requirements.


Solutions Studio

If the project requires beyond the scope of the pre-configured architectural systems, Arktura has Solutions Studio for truly unique custom design and execution. Every custom project is done through a fully collaborative process to understand the unique demands of the project and to help meet the design intent.


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Workflow is carefully managed with team offering a breadth and depth expertise in designing and building unique custom projects capable of enhancing both aesthetics and utility.


Being a solutions based architectural manufacturer, Arktura assures True Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC rating of each of its products.


From architectural standardized products to customizable systems, Arktura is shaped by creativity, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. Joining INNCOM-Honeywell, Arktura is now part of Inewvation International’s line of Sustainable Building Solutions, catering to Philippine market. 


To know more, visit https://arktura.com/about/, call (+632) 8355-4639, or  email info@inewvationinternational.com