Digital Advertising Trends You Should Know

08 Dec 2015

Every day, advertisers are finding new means to communicate with their target market. New channels are created to reach the right audience accurately. Even traditional mediums are innovated and proved to be beneficial to advertisers. Just check the rise of LED use in digital advertising in the Philippines!

But the good news is, it doesn’t stop there. As mentioned earlier, there are new developments in the world of advertising every day. Here are some trends in digital advertising that you should watch out for.


Video Advertising on Mobile

Video advertising is nothing new. You have probably seen video ads streaming on Youtube. However, studies show that this is one digital advertising trend that we should look out for.


According to Ooyala’s Global Video Index, smartphone and tablet video consumption grew by 400% between 2012 and 2014. Now, it accounts to 30% of all videos being played!


The continued popularity of smart phones with bigger screens is expected to feed the growth of mobile video. And this has a lot of benefits for advertisers. When watching television, you probably change the channel during commercial break. The same thing can be said when listening to the radio; once your favorite station starts to play ads, you change the station.


But when viewing videos on mobile, you’re already a ‘captivated’ audience. When you click a video on YouTube and an ad plays, you don’t hit another video to watch, you wait for the ad to finish. This is what mobile video ads take advantage of: your undivided attention.


Native Advertising

Millennials seem to be very picky when it comes to the content they consume. They are also easily annoyed with intrusive advertisements. In cases like this, native advertising is your friend.


Usually, we see native ads in the form of infographics, blog posts, or videos that are classified assponsored content or tagged with ‘promoted by’. Like any advertisement, they aim to promote a brand. However, in most native ads, brand names are not mentioned.


This set up appeals to millennials because it doesn’t disrupt their user experience since native ads emulate the design and content style of the website where it was posted. Plus, the contents are usually engaging!


This clever style of advertising is a sure hit, delivering above average engagement from users. If you’re not very familiar with writing blog posts or how to make infographics and videos, don’t fret. A lot of publishers offer partnership in creating the content so you’ll surely get professional help for your native ad.


Behavior Data

Every advertising campaign has a goal. If your goal is brand recall, then it’s sensible to place advertisements on static or LED billboards until your brand awareness surpasses that of your competitors. However, if your goal is measured conversion, then you need a different approach. You can’t afford to just place ads without knowing how many people buy your product after seeing your ad.


Some advertisers place ads on websites that they believe their target audience visits. This is good if your target audience really visit these websites. But what if those are just assumptions? To be sure, some advertisers target audiences based on behavioral data now. This allows them to target people on different sites, using several factors such as online searches, browsing habits, purchase history, and more.


Targeting people across multiple advertising properties through behavior data is a growing trend right now. And why wouldn’t it? It allows advertisers to reach their target market more accurately. Instead of spending money on assumptions, they utilize facts to run an effective campaign.


Faster Responsiveness


LED billboards are trending right now because of its immediacy. Imagine being able to change the ad that you’re running on billboards in just a snap. LED billboards lets you change your ad content at any time of the day to make it relevant to the people. And at a cheaper price, too!


No wonder more people are jumping into LED advertising. It increases advertisers’ speed of responsiveness, putting them in the forefront of their customers’ mind.

There are always new innovations in the advertising world. And if you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors, you have to know and cope well with these changing trends. Find out how you can use them to your advantage to keep your business on top.