Digital Technology Solutions in Aiding Businesses During Pandemic

13 Jul 2020

Among the things that the COVID-19 pandemic made clear, one must definitely be the advantages of digital technology solutions from households to businesses at large. As how drastic as this global health dilemma fashioned us a “new normal”, it is also how fast it accelerates us to digital transformation, since the reopening of businesses locally and abroad.


Digital technology has now become more integral to our society. We can deduce that the pandemic has been an initiator of digital shift as digital technology solutions are now seen playing an important role in helping businesses to both keep up and cope up. This goes beyond shifting to work-from-home setups and brick-and-mortar stores doing e-commerce, but businesses reopening and providing essential products and services, and permitting more business activities to resume.


As many countries are starting to ease lockdowns, brands should also begin seeing the value and maximizing the full potentials of digital technology to maintain their relevance, enhance their operational efficiency, and provide a safe and improved service to their customers.


Inewvation International listed down the key advantages of Digital Technology Solutions for businesses, transitioning to the new definition of normality.


Helps Fighting Pandemic

Given all the technological advancements nowadays, several digital technology solutions are now being designed to be innovative and capable of combating the outbreak and lessening virus transmissions.


These solutions are considered to be the new “must-haves” in businesses as it aims not just to help in restarting operations and gain profit, but also to contribute in fighting the pandemic by serving customers safely, and meeting the designed standards on the new scheme.


Inewvation Digital Portrait Kiosk with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser allows store owners to display their products and services, and attracts and gives customers an exciting visual experience. This can dispense hand disinfectant or sanitizer for customers who are on the go, maintaining cleanliness and health safety.


Fit for any type of business, Inewvation Table Top Display with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser allows delivering of messages, while helping in cleanliness and health safety maintenance. This can dispense hand disinfectant or sanitizer for customers who need stay at a store, dine in at a food chain, and such.


Allows Business Continuity

Since the pandemic occurred, business continuity has been the primary concern for most enterprises.


Under the “new normal”, businesses has to recover by reopening with operations guided or regulated by heightened health and safety measures. Digital technology allows them to meet these standards and at the same time, takes the chance to transform their operations with more innovations. Digital technology solutions for business are created with several functionalities and advantages, all to meet their goals.


Under the “new normal”, E-Banner Slim can be of great way in delivering brands’ messages to customers. Aside from announcements, this can display what’s inside a store, giving quick information to customers and minimizing unnecessary stay.

Gunnebo SafePay is a completely closed cash management solutions that automates and efficiently secures the handling of stores’ notes and coins. Through its self-service capability, it helps the stores minimizing interactions between staff and customers; customers can scan their own purchased products, pay, and get the change, while assuring a smart and safe transaction.

Amersec Concealed AM (Acousto-Magnetic) Floor Loop is designed to keep store aesthetics unchanged and undisturbed, while keeping merchandise protected. Following the ‘new normal’ standards, this promotes contactless in-store physical distancing and does not require often disinfection.


Aids to Community’s Resilience

The global health crisis also created an underlying message of humanity for businesses. Aside from ensuring continuity, businesses are are encouraged to help the community to be more prepared in embracing the “new normal”. And thus, businesses should be the one to adapt to the changes and be prepared first. Integrating digital technology allows them to contribute in making the community become resilient, adjusting to the new condition.


Digital innovations can be of any goals— helping eliminate the long lines and unnecessary stays in stores, encouraging physical distancing in public places, reminding of doing constant health and safety measures, and a lot more. Not to mention the sole purposes of digital technology.

Inewvation Digital Menu Boards allow the food chains and restaurants to display all or highlight a particular menu, and deliver messages to its customers. It makes the selections easy, quick, and safe, as customers can browse over the menu without touching a menu book nor interacting with a staff.

InVue Business Tablet CT200 has an optional point-of-sale capability that lessens interactions of guests/customers with staff. In hotels, guests can check in on their own, browse the amenities, or even go over with latest discounts; while in banks, customers can access their statement of accounts, browse the banks new offerings and services, currency exchange rates, market prices, and any vital financial data, all by themselves.

Designed for Hospitality industry, INNCOM-Honeywell complies with health and safety measures, as guests can experience a top-notch stay, with less physical interaction in hotel staff and touch-less in-room devices.


In this time, digital technology is defined not just as innovations in businesses nor advanced business culture, but a multi-purpose solutions that make businesses more competitive, become relevant, and transform into more beneficial ones for the entire community.


Inewvation International has a roster of technologically advanced products, helping to fight the pandemic, allowing business continuity amidst the health crisis, and aiding the community to be more resilient in embracing the “new normal.” Being a pioneer and one of the leaders in the industry, Inewvation International is here more than just to lead businesses in digital transformation, but also to provide the best digital technology solutions in any needs.