Digital Technology: Transforming The Retail Experience

22 Jun 2020

Digital transformation can be defined as integrating digital technology in businesses to create brand innovations and heighten customer experience. In the last few years, it has indeed dominated various industries and continues to widen its reach even further today.


Among all the verticals it has captured, Retail can be considered as one of the most prominent industries. More and more retailers are investing in online or digital marketing, and have adopted a new way of retailing through online shopping or e-commerce. Big brands are investing heavily in these ways to extend their online presence into their stores, keeping up with the new requirement of the market.


However, just like any other trend or change discovered, this transformation can disrupt existing concepts and/or create totally new ones. The rapid growth of online shopping has resulted to a challenge for offline retailing.


Although e-commerce remains on its peak and is gaining its momentum, bricks-and-mortar stores are said to remain as the dominant revenue-generating channel in the future. With this, in-store retailers have begun acquiring digital technology to enhance the shopping experience, exceed customer expectations, and create a remarkable value proposition.


While competing with other brands of the same kind, retailers now have to face another challenge against its new competition, adding to the existing ones like theft, shoplifting, and cash management.


One way for retailers to survive the challenge is through the use digital technology in creating an exceptional in-store experience. In this blog, Inewvation International would like you to a look at the most innovative digital technology solutions that redefine the future of retail.



Technology can be used in various ways. It can be for experiential purposes, for stores security, back-office operations, and/or increase customers’ convenience.


As it is crucial to just invest in technology for technology’s sake, the real challenge for retailers now is to enhance the shopping experience by looking for the right solutions that will surely benefit not just themselves, but their customers too.


Inewvation International has completely transformed into a full-fledged digital technology solutions provider, offering the best game-changing solutions for retail.


INEWVATION - Digital Displays Solutions
Inewvation has top-of-the line products ranging from indoor and outdoor LED Displays, Digital Signages, to Lightboxes.


In 9 years of service, it has taken a very significant part in mounting some of the most technologically advanced and internationally acclaimed Digital Displays in the Philippines: the first moving outdoor LED Display, the first curved LED Display, the first seamless LED Display, the highest definition LED screen, the first perimeter LED Display, and the biggest outdoor LED Display.


Internationally, it has completed notable installations with the biggest brands like The Shiella Duty Free in Hong Kong International Airport, Mangi in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, Football Republic in Malaysia, Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Indonesia, and many more.


INVUE - Anti-Theft Merchandising Solutions
InVue offers state-of-the-art display and merchandising security solutions, catering to global technology brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and the likes.
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AMERSEC - Shoplifting Prevention System
Amersec provides a wide variety of top-quality Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), leveling up shoplifting prevention systems for stores security.
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GUNNEBO - Cash Management Solutions
A worldwide leader in cash management solutions, Gunnebo has an array of products from front and back-office deposit solutions, up to closed cash management solutions.


Digital Technology is indeed paving the way to all the verticals, like retail, to face challenges, deal with the market trend, and adapt to the new standard.


Integrating digital technology to improve the in-store journey is more than just considering how these technologies are actively solving problem, but also understanding the experience it provides and how it fits with the purpose.


Being a leader in digital transformation, Inewvation International is here to bring the best solutions in any purpose.


Know more about our In-Store solutions: https://inewvationinternational.com/in-store-solutions/