Embracing The “New Normal”: The Advent of Digital Technology

01 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates a “new normal” wherein people need to adapt to several changes, and/or make behavioral ones. “New normal” can be defined as a variety of contexts implying that something which was previously considered unusual has now become a commonplace. This may mean living in post-pandemic will be altered— from work, home, and social life.


As we are dealing with the changes brought by COVID-19, new guidelines or regulations are being designed and will be imposed in place, most of which will affect on how we do things around. These aim to lower the risk of infection, as we’re slowly getting our lives back, while COVID-19 remains active on our environment.


Under this scheme, people are allowed to go outside and buy their necessities in the marketplaces, retail stores, and such, with strict observance of the “new normal” regulations. With this, it becomes obvious that the heightened measures for health will force us new work conditions— from physical setups, operational procedures, and even employment numbers. Considering that the virus is primarily a human-to-human transmission, people have to deal with a way of living that is cautious about physical interactions.


What most people refer to as the “new normal” is the emergence of the advantage of digital technology in keeping our daily operations going. In this blog, Inewvation International listed down some of its “must-have” innovative solutions for business to serve their customers better, meeting the “new normal” standards.

Inewvation Digital Portrait Kiosk with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
This newly-launched Inewvation Digital Signage can either be touch or non-touch, allowing the store owners to display their products and services, and attract and give customers an exciting visual experience. This could dispense hand disinfectant or sanitizer through automatic dispensing function using proximity sensor, for customers who are on the go, maintaining their cleanliness and health safety. The dispenser can load up to 1000 mL of any hand disinfectant solution, and alarms the staff with a light indicator if 75% of the content has been consumed.


Inewvation Digital Menu Boards
These digital menu boards allow the food chain and restaurants to display all or highlight a particular menu, and deliver messages to its customers. Making the selection easy, quick, and safe, customers can browse over the menu without touching a menu book nor asking a staff.


InVue Business Tablet CT200
With an optional point-of-sale capability, the CT200 can be used in any environment and features multiple stand options for counter display and pedestal. This InVue Business Tablet solution lessens interactions of guests/customers with staff. In hotels, guests can check in on their own, browse the amenities, or even go over with latest discounts; while in banks, customers can access their statement of accounts, browse the banks new offerings and services, currency exchange rates, market prices, and any vital financial data. This promotes physical distancing practice in compliance to the “new normal” regulations.


Gunnebo SafePay
A completely closed cash management solution, Gunnebo’s SafePay automates and efficiently secures the handling of stores’ notes and coins. With a self-service capability, this helps the stores minimizing interactions between staff and customers, without compromising service. Customers can scan their own purchased products, pay, and get the change while assuring a smart transaction through SafePay.


Amersec Concealed AM (Acousto-Magnetic) Floor Loop
Primarily, this Amersec concealed EAS is designed to keep store aesthetics unchanged and undisturbed while keeping merchandise protected. Following the ‘new normal’ standards, this promotes contactless in-store physical distancing and does not require disinfection.


INNCOM-Honeywell is a well trusted system that integrates temperature control, humidity limiting, CELS, lighting, drapery, guest room service and management, and many more. Specifically designed for hospitality, this solution also complies with health safety measures, as guests can experience a top-notch stay, with less physical interaction in hotel staff and touch-less in-room devices. INNCOM rooms greet guests with ambient temperature and vibe with its in-room automation system.


Though the acquisition of digital technology is just one piece of the equation, it will surely be a huge help in making people more resilient in adapting to the “new normal” standards.


As we begin to ease lockdowns and reopen businesses under extra precautions, taking proactive measures through the use of digital technology helps in making businesses relevant, deepens customer relationships, and aids in making a more prepared future.


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