From Nature to Your Place: Inewvation International Introduces Muratto

25 Jan 2021

Under its new product line— Sustainable Building Solutions, Inewvation International officially brings Muratto in the Philippines.


Established in Portugal back in 2013, Muratto is a global architectural solutions provider that offers acoustic panels and design blocks with natural surface designs. It is one of the most highly distinguished international brands of sustainable wall finishes today.


Focused on technology, Muratto’s main differentiation is its sophisticated and innovative design that is guided by its vision of sustainable growth, relying on four main values:


NATURAL LIFESTYLE - Base all processes on the importance of a sustainable development; always work with natural raw materials and contribute to a natural lifestyle.

DESIGN – Seek inspiration in the most varied forms of vision in various countries.

SHARING - Work with designers from different countries; listen to the clients; support social causes; share ideas with others.

INTERIOR COMFORT – Endow each and every product with features that offer a positive impact on the daily life.


Cobranding 4 

Muratto works with sustainable organic raw materials and leftovers from the wine cork industry to produce high quality natural biodegradable wall coverings. Every panel is easy to install, lightweight, and modular, and comes in a wide range of colors and shapes, which can be used to cover entire wall surfaces or arranged in smaller configurations as functional wall art.


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Organic Blocks Collection

In this collection, each product has a different volume and shape, giving a distinct aesthetic result to every wall design. These are achieved through the use of the latest technology in the cork industry: the molding technology. Part of this collection are the Acoustic Panel models— technically designed to dissipate sound waves within the room or any application it is installed.

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Cork Bricks Collection

This collection is a decorative wall innovation that preserves and presents all the natural variation and true character of cork. Precision cut in three dimensions, Cork Bricks Collection comes in three different sizes and variations in thickness. It provides interior walls an appeal of traditional brick but with softer texture and a more sophisticated and inviting style.

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Metalegance Collection

This is a collection of extremely flexible and magnetic, fire-rated panel made with a 3-layer finishing system.  Each panel is cut by Computer Numerical Control or CNC to exacting standards that allow simple and accurate installations.  The Metalegance Pure particularly offers a refined look in colors that range from flat black, to oxidized copper, to varying hues of concrete. 

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Korkstone Collection

Korkstone is a densified, three-dimensional molded brick that has both shimmer and velvety aspects.  The product composition is simultaneously light yet strong and durable. From a combination of high technology and handmade finishing, Korkstone provides a balance between functionality and luxury.

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Primecork Collection

Primecork provides a rich and natural cork finishes bringing class and appeal to the interior walls of any space. It has warm and comfortable look and feel making it compatible with almost every décor style, from the modern to the very traditional.

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Concrete Flex

Concrete Flex is an environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. It is a thin composite panel of flexible concrete that can wrap tight columns, is extremely lightweight, and highly stable, and resistant to fire, microorganisms, moisture, ice, freeze/thaw, high impact, and insects.

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Over the past few years, Muratto has been receiving awards worldwide, and has been simultaneously widening its reach globally with design materials placed in the spaces of numerous world-renowned brands.


Along with INNCOM-Honeywell and Arktura, Muratto is now officially part of Inewvation International’s line for Sustainable Building Solutions, offered exclusively in the Philippines.


To know more, visit https://www.muratto.com/en/home, call (+632) 8355-4639, or  email info@inewvationinternational.com