How to Take Advantage of LED Advertising

26 Nov 2015

An ad campaign’s success does not completely rely on the medium used to convey the message. For instance, LED digital advertising is booming in the Philippines right now, but this does not guarantee that your advertising campaign will be successful should you use LED billboards in your campaign.


You have to learn how to use an advertising medium to its fullest. All advertising mediums have its pros and cons; even the most popular means of advertising has its weak points. If you want your LED ad to be successful, you have to take advantage of its benefits.


Benefits of LED Advertising 

Billboard ads have always been a popular format of outdoor advertising for quite some time. When LED billboards arrived on the scene, it displayed the advantages of both static and dynamic advertising.

Some of the benefits of LED advertising are the following:

  1. LED ads are natural attention-grabbers. Whether it’s a simple signage or an active LED billboard ad, it’s impossible not to notice these bright and colorful displays.
  2. You can customize the content easily and show them any time of the day – this is not possible with traditional billboards.
  3. It allows you to target your audience effectively. Since you possess full control over the type of ad you’re going to display, where it’s going to be placed, and when it’ll be shown, it’s easier to adjust your ad to suit your targets.
  4. It’s more creative. Since LED ads are not limited to static images, advertisers have more room to be creative and thus more capable capturing the market’s attention.


Take Advantage of LED Advertising

LED ads might be popular right now but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use it properly. To take advantage of LED advertising, advertisers must use its benefits to the fullest. Here’s how:


Grab Their Attention

There are different ways to grab the attention of consumers through LED ads. Its bright lights alone are enough to call the attention of a bystander. That’s not enough, though – go the extra mile by making creative ads that will surely call the attention of your target market. 


To begin, ask yourself the question, ‘how will I make my ad stand out from the rest?’ Capture the attention of your potential consumers away from other matters and into your message, and make sure that people can easily understand your ad.


Customize and Target

As aforementioned, LED ads allow advertisers to customize and target their market more effectively. Use this knowledge to your advantage. For example: if you have a restaurant, customize the content of your LED signage to display your special for the day. 


Another use could be to promote an upcoming event through LED signages. For instance, if there is a sale or a promo, use your LED signage to communicate that with your customers. In short, tailor your ads according to your needs.


Be Innovative

It’s not enough to get the attention of people. For your LED billboard ad to be successful, it must also hold the attention of consumers long enough for you to convey your message. After all, the point of placing an ad is to communicate a message, and you can only reach this objective if you can get people to pay attention to your ad.

If your agenda is brand recall, create an ad that they will surely remember – be innovative when creating ads. There are a lot of ways to capture the market’s attention with LED billboards – for instance, you can use graphics or videos. Don’t be afraid to try new things to find out what sticks with the public.


Success is never guaranteed, not even with LED billboards. But if you know the benefits of using it and take full advantage of it, you can easily achieve success. Remember: it’s never enough to just grab the attention of consumers, you also have to hold it long enough to deliver your message.