Inewvation International launches Vehicular Management System (VMS)

03 May 2021

As it continues providing up-to-the-minute digital technology solutions, Inewvation International proudly unveils another addition to its innovative product lines, Vehicular Management System (VMS).


This offers necessary equipment for monitoring and controlling system on both freeway and arterial road applications. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable display delivers information, provides instructions, and guides motorists in highways and expressways.


Inewvation VMS is available in 3 kinds: Fixed-Type VMS for road information, Mobile VMS for transportable and convenient delivery of warnings and road instructions temporarily, and Inewvation Traffic Control Signal VMS for real-time information and quick notices to the motoring public.


Inewvation Fixed-Type VMS

A useful media to alert motorway users when there are abrupt changes in traffic patterns, road conditions, emergencies, or special events. This VMS helps in improving traffic flow while ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.


Ultra-bright and highly legible with variety of functions for different applications, this has a combination of different colors and sizes making it extremely efficient in conveying safety messages to motorists.

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Inewvation Mobile VMS

A transportable media for efficient and safe road signals, providing instructions to motorists at temporary intersections, closures, or accident warnings ahead. This solution is a key to an improved, convenient, and safe travels for drivers and its passengers. 


The Mobile VMS can be easily transported whenever and wherever. It can also be powered up by generator power system or solar charging system that has an automatic shutdown function when batteries are fully charged, preventing damages to batteries.

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Inewvation Traffic Control Signal VMS

A display that consists of multiple traffic signs and symbols to provide safety instructions to motorists.


The Lane Control Sign has an excellent optical performance under the certification standard of EN12966. It is capable to allow or restrict motorists to use one or more available lanes by the use of different types of signals depending on the right purpose.


The Speed Limit Sign has an integrated speed detection that has a built-in radar to identify speed violations on the road. It has high contrast ratio and is sun-light readable to deliver much clearer road instructions using SMD Technology. 


The Multiple Lane Sign provides different signs and signals for road safety precautions, instructions, and warnings. This product is anti-rust with outstanding waterproof performance. 

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All Inewvation VMS products are Product Standard EN12966 certified. Each has passed International European experts’ standards in VMS basic functionalities of physical performance, visual performance, and durability. The standard also certifies Inewvation VMS in electrical performance, resistance against impacts, vibration, and corrosion, electromagnetic compatibility, and uniformity of visual performance.


To know more, email us at info@inewvationinternational.com.