Inewvation International: Redefining Digital Technology

31 Jan 2020

Over the years, Digital Technology has radically transformed many aspects of the modern life. From banking, shopping, travel, to entertainment, work, communication, and more— almost every vertical has been altered into digitalization.


Nowadays, we can see lighter, faster, more compact and more versatile devices or machineries. New technologies like virtual reality, data analytics, artificial intelligence, are also now available in the market. Digital Technology is undeniably unstoppable in providing the world the most innovative solutions and avant-garde products.


As the demand for different digital technology solutions gets higher, the needs of its providers become more eminent. With the overwhelming fast-paced trends that the digital transformation brings, the questions remain: “which one is the best?” and “who offers complete solutions?”


Catering to various industries like Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Resorts and Casino, Transportation, Corporate, Education, and such, Inewvation International came into existence with the goal to lead cities to digital innovations.



Established in Manila back in 2011, Inewvation International is one of the pioneers of digital displays in the Philippines and later on, became the leading provider in the industry. Its core brand, Inewvation, has top-of-the-line digital solutions and products, ranging from indoor and outdoor LED Displays, Interactive Digital Kiosks, Digital Signages, to Lightboxes.


In just 8 years, Inewvation has taken very significant part in mounting some of the most technologically advanced LED displays in the Philippines: the first curved LED display, the first moving outdoor LED display, the biggest outdoor LED display, the first seamless LED display, the highest definition LED screen, and the first perimeter LED display.


Globally, it has completed notable projects with the biggest brands like The Shilla Duty Free in Hong Kong International Airport, Mango in Jewel Changi International Airport in Singapore, Football Republic in Malaysia, Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Indonesia, Suyen Corporation in Myanmar and Dubai, and many more.


The Filipino-owned company has already commenced operations in major Asian countries such as Singapore in 2016 and Hong Kong in 2017. In the coming years, Inewvation International aims to expand its reach worldwide by having presence in American and European regions.



As it continues to practice its expertise and extends its market reach, Inewvation International has completely transformed into a full-fledged digital technology solutions provider. Aside from Inewvation Digital Displays, the company is now offering 4 more brands in the industries of hospitality and retail— INNCOM-Honeywell for integrated room automation system, InVue for anti-theft merchandising, Gunnebo for cash management, and Amersec for electronic article surveillance.


InVue provides state-of-the-art display and merchandising security solutions. Catering to tech brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and the likes, it offers smart locks, alarming devices, and mechanical security tools for laptops, phones, tablets, and cameras. Two of InVue’s most advanced products are (1) S3000 - the first complete wireless alarm that allows tech store customers to test and enjoy the products with full control for best experience; and (2) OneKey - an all-in-one store key that removes the inconvenient use of multiple keys, and is capable of transferring power and data.


Gunnebo is the worldwide leader in cash management solutions. It has a wide array of products from front and back-office deposit solutions to closed cash management solutions. Each product automates and efficiently secures the handling of notes and coins – from checkout through the back office to the CIT cash center and bank. Notes and coins are never exposed during transaction, transportation, and maintenance, and can also be monitored online through Gunnebo’s own software, Cash Control.


Leveling up shoplifting prevention system, Amersec offers a wide variety of top-quality Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) devices that incorporate advanced Acousto-Magnetic technology and a powerful Radio-Frequency two-antenna system. It delivers a cutting-edge performance in security solutions for retail stores. Among its advanced products is Floor Loop, a concealed shoplifting prevention device that is designed to keep merchandise secured while retaining the store aesthetics.


INNCOM-Honeywell, the leading technology solutions in the hospitality industry, has a complete range of smart devices from comfort and security to lighting and drapery. This technology not only provides all-in-one in-room control, but is also energy-efficient. One of its smart devices is e7 Thermostat, a digital control programmable device that offers simple solutions that reduce complexity in most HVAC applications – providing guest comfort and satisfaction, while at the same time, reducing in-room energy costs based on occupancy.





Throughout the years, Inewvation International has been the leading provider of up-to-the minute digital technology solutions. Carrying its principle — quality is everything, it will be progressively paving the way to the future, aiding the change from conventional to digital through the world’s latest and most advanced technology.


Be part of the digital innovation!