Ingress Protection 101

25 Mar 2019

In electronic devices, aside from the physical features, it is advisable for the consumers to know their efficiency, resistance in contamination, and how to protect them from possible damages. Fortunately, in the innovating industry of technology, a standard has been set – the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings or IP Code.


The Ingress Protection is defined in international standard 60529, which aims to provide users more detailed information about the level of efficiency of their devices or equipment. IP ratings are used to determine the degree of protection given to the enclosures of electrical or technology equipment against intrusion of foreign matters and moisture. It is done through qualification testing to ensure that equipment is suitable and protected in the environment where it is going to be used.


The rating is composed of two numbers - the first number refers to the rate of protection against solid objects such as tools, dirt, dust, etc., while the second number is the rate against liquids such as drips, splashing water, submersion in water, and such. The higher the rating, the better the protection it has.


The Importance of IP Ratings

Any device or equipment with no or low IP ratings have lower resistance in wet and dry contamination that will cause them to be damaged in many ways, like overheating, shortened usable life, and vulnerability to failure and malfunction. That is why it is important for the technology providers to be IP compliant. IP ratings help the consumers in better selection of which devices to purchase or use as this will ensure a steady efficiency. Plus, consumers should also consider the environment on where the device will be used.  Moreover, IP ratings may serve as guidelines to the providers in developing better electronic and technology products.


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