Innovating Inewvation: New Looks, New Features

01 Apr 2019

The industry of digital displays is growing and evolving rapidly. From static displays that basically aim to advertise, to large format displays that bring high resolution photos and videos to life— it is undeniable that we are at the age of shifting conventional displays to digital.


Nowadays, digital displays do not just connect a brand to its market, but define a brand’s identity and image as well. As the trend and demand of digital displays go up, it is essential for a solutions provider to stand out. Being part of the choices is one thing, but to be a cut above the rest is another. Thus, a consequent innovation is a must.


Inewvation International has been successful in leading the cities to innovations through its core brand— Inewvation. Inewvation product line offers innovative LED Displays and Signages that fit to many industries such as Retail, Food and Beverage, Out-Of-Home Advertising, Hospitality, Transportation, Corporate, Health, Education, and more.


Most of Inewvation’s notable projects were done with the biggest global brands. Solaire Resort & Casino and Globe Telecom in the Philippines, FWD Life in Indonesia, and Football Republic in Malaysia, to name a few.



Inewvation consistently integrates up-to-the-minute technology to its products while continuously offering new state-of-the-art digital display solutions.


Inewvation Ergo Series III

Best fit for indoor applications such as events, advertising, retail shops and digital interior design, Ergo Series III has 2 new versions— Ergo UHD and Ergo Lite. Ergo UHD’s cabinets are 16:9-aspect ratio ready, giving an ultra high definition resolution of photos and videos; while Ergo Lite’s cabinet is made up of carbon fiber material, making it lighter to carry and easier to install.


Inewvation Digital Kiosks

Inewvation Digital Kiosk Portrait (Touch or Non-touch) and Landscape (Touch) Designs both provide information, entertainment, and e-commerce to display products and services through attracting and interactive mediums. Giving more exciting visual experience, these two Indoor Digital Kiosks have more elegant and stylish designs.


Best for train stations, bus terminals, malls, schools and other public places, Inewvation Outdoor Kiosk is a 3-in-1 interactive medium that gives masses internet, a touch capable way-finder, and access to information. To add, it has an optional lightbox that can be used for advertisements. Its new trendy looks will add exquisiteness to any of its application.


From design, production, delivery, installation to after-sales service, Inewvation has set the benchmark in providing consistent excellent customer experience. Other digital display solutions may do the same, but the consistency of the quality it incorporates to its products and services is what makes Inewvation exceptional.


Inewvation International is indisputably the top choice on the roster of digital display solutions providers. As it continues to rule the industry, its principle— quality is everything, will always remain and be integrated to its products and services. Indeed, its continuous innovation is what makes Inewvation International a remarkable one in the industry.




Be part of digital display innovation, today!


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