INVUE: Creating Innovations in Retail Security

06 Apr 2020

 Theft continues to be a major problem for retailers around the globe, according to the 31st Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International. In the survey, 20 large retailers reported that in 2018, they apprehended more than 279,000 shoplifters and dishonest employees.


Accordingly, theft case values soared in 2018 with


  1. The average shoplifting case value ($301.97) increasing 11.8%
  2. The average dishonest employee case value ($1,361.37) jumping a 30.1%
  3. The total average theft case value ($408.77) with 17%


The study concludes “Retail theft overall continues to be a serious problem for retailers negatively impacting their bottom line, which results in higher process to consumers”, President of Jack L. Hayes International Inc., Mark R. Doyle added.


In the Philippines, retailers have begun adopting a variety of security measures. Some use CCTV and EAS, while others focus on essential basic security such as lockable cabinets and display cases, or locating items behind the counter restricting availability through the help of a store assistant.


While employing enhanced merchandise security solutions, customers experience and store visuals should not be compromised. Increasing security measure must not weaken the profitability of the merchandise and store. Retailers need security solutions to help increase store security and decrease theft, whilst transforming the in-store experience and improving the customer service.


Being the source of up-to-the-minute digital technology solutions, Inewvation International proudly brings InVue merchandise security solutions to the Philippines.




InVue caters to retailers, global brands and businesses with innovative merchandising, security and software solutions. InVue promotes and protects retail merchandise seamlessly, helping businesses increase profits. Since 1972 their OneKEY solution made its mark as one of the most innovative products for retail merchandising and security. At present InVue has a global presence, is headquartered in North Carolina and has 13 offices worldwide.






InVue’sOneKEY empowers employees to better serve customers with one single key access to merchandise security, reducing customer wait times receiving merchandise and increasing operational efficiency.The OneKEY eliminates the hassle of needing multiple store keys. The solution transfers power and data to a wide range of security products, that provide best in-class protection for high theft merchandise.



For the best merchandise protection, OneKEY technology:


  1. Assigns a unique code per store
  2. Comes with a 12-hour automatic timeout feature, making the OneKEY unusable after working hours 
  3. Offers the ability to create zones, and audit employees who use OneKEY


In 2018, the Loss Prevention Research Council conducted a study in one of the leading U.S. hypermarket chains to better understand the effectivity of the solution. InVue OneKEY has proven its theft reduction capability with the store’s 33% decline rate in theft, and without a compromise or decline in sales. 


LPRC Research Study on OneKEY ecosystem





Partnering with the biggest global technology brands including Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft, InVue provides complete and specific solutions for the latest brand innovations. InVue’s Brand Solutions are HQ brand approved, offer minimal aesthetic design, allow consistent storewide visual merchandising, and ease of use solutions.




Whether for retail, restaurants, healthcare, banks, or hospitality, InVue’sBusiness Solutions provide best-in-class products for tablet and handheld deployment. Business solutions are deployed for mobile point-of-sales, self-help kiosks, queue busting, store assistant mobile service device, product catalog, table side entertainment and ordering, self-check-in, concierge, stage directory and many more. 


Regardless of the application, InVue provides the best Business Solutions to: 


  1. Display and protect tablets 
  2. Easily access and utilize the tablet’s features 
  3. Provide power to the tablet 
  4. Enable quick tablet mobility


InVue’s ample experience in displaying and security high value electronic devices allow them to bring the same innovation, product quality and user understanding to commercial tablet solutions.




Utilizing InVue’s Software Analytics, OneKEY also allows retailers to monitor, understand, and manage associate and customer in-store interactions.  It provides visibility, security, and analytics allowing retailers to make more informed decisions. 


  • Access Manager – creates permissions for store employees to access the entire store, specific departments, or even particular displays 
  • MicroSigns - a content management software that provides the ability to manage digital interactive content changes in real-time
  • Insight - retail analytics that monitor and report customer interaction on devices and its security status.




InVue has a complete state-of-the-art line of products: secure display, software analytics, business and brand solutions¾all designed to improve operational efficiencies, decrease theft, and increase profits. 


Part of its In-Store Solutions, Inewvation International carries InVue to retail with the goal to innovate and secure through its digital technology. 


Know more about InVue products and solutions via www.inewvationinternational.com/products/category/in-store-solutions.


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