Invue Solutions: Improving Security in Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

26 Apr 2021

Supermarkets and grocery stores deal with a large amount of transactions every day. These large retail areas are where shoppers are found in big numbers and a large number of assets is at stake.


Since supermarkets and grocery stores both hold a large stock of items, there is a high chance of theft to occur. Hence, store security should be taken into high consideration in these businesses.


While there are several in-store security solutions available in the market, choosing the best one that meets in-store overall needs is a real challenge. Invue has grouped its products to develop a solution that meets the security and accessibility needs of grocery and supermarket chains.


Invue’s solutions for grocery and supermarket aim to secure and protect items, help in assisting customers to get what they need, and provide heightened in-store security.


OneKEY Bottle Cap - The only solution that protects bottled merchandise from theft and on-site consumption and cannot be defeated by magnets. Featuring easy application and tightening functions, this secures high value bottles with a one-button push and twist without damaging foil covers. OneKEY Bottle Cap can also save valuable associate time with quick fastening and removal, be detected in either AM or RF gate security, and comes in three sizes available - small, medium, and large.

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Cam Lock - A versatile lock for swing out doors and pull out drawers that can be mounted on wood, glass, metal and acrylic. It provides fast access to merchandise, allowing store employees to deliver a more timely response to customers and make an enhanced interaction with customers that results in increased sales. Cam Lock also has cam arm and bracket accessories for a flexible installation and lock status indicator provides for visual confirmation that drawer is locked or unlocked.

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OneKEYTM - The single-key solution that increases sales, decreases theft, and promotes associate safety. It empowers retailers to better serve customers with a single key access across the whole store, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise. OneKEYTM assigns a unique code per store, has a 12-hour time-out feature for greater protection, and is capable of creating zones and auditing employee use.


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OneKEY Detacher – The most convenient merchandise security removal solution that empowers associates to efficiently service customers at checkout. It offers quick detaching and full control over authorization for seamless checkout operations and immediate customer service. OneKEY Detacher has kink resistant cord with swivel and a replaceable cable, provides 12-hour timeout window with unlimited usage, and is compatible with Access Manager Software for managed authorization.


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Access ManagerTM – A cloud-based software that provides visibility into associates’ interactions with locked, displayed, and sell-through merchandise protected by OneKEYTM. It harnesses powerful analytics to decrease internal theft and improve profits.  Access Manager logs OneKEYTM device interactions, making it easy to detect associate activity that is suspicious with access anytime and anywhere. Using an intuitive user interface, individual associates are enabled with access to the entire store, a department, or individual InVue device. This software solution works with multiple InVue devices across all security solutions.


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Creating a security action for preventing mishaps at the supermarket and grocery stores is indeed necessary and beneficial. With these solutions for grocery and supermarket from Invue, overall in-store requirements can be met¾ from making items and displays secured, improving operational efficiency, up to making businesses more profitable.


Catering to global brands, retailers, and businesses with innovative merchandising, software, and security solutions, InVue’s wide range of innovative solutions promote and protect retail merchandise seamlessly— all to help businesses improve their profits.


Know more, visit: https://invue.com/retail-security/search-by-industry/grocery/