Making A Safer Retail: 3 Key Advantages of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

23 Mar 2020

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, a non-profit organization which aims to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of shoplifting while engaging community action in prevention efforts, shoplifting is still one of the most frequent crimes committed in the world.  NASP reported that there are over 500,000 shoplifting incidents every day, and stores are losing more than $45 million because of it.


Additionally, in the 2018 National Retail Security Survey, National Retail Federation concluded that shoplifting remained the main reason of inventory shrinkage in the U.S. retail, topping the list since 2015. Shrink costs U.S. retailers about 1.33% of sales, on an average. Might be a small number to look at, but it is surely a huge impact on the overall retail economy of the state.


In the Philippines, there is a lot of reported shoplifting cases in retail, but there are no studies about how big and particularly it affects the industry. For the past years, retailers in the Philippines have begun adopting variety of security measures like closed-circuit television or CCTV and electronic article surveillance or EAS to minimize the losses caused by shoplifting. Different yet complimentary to CCTV, EAS has been a tried and tested method and considered as the most effective weapon against shoplifting for retailers around the world.


What is EAS?

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a “tag-and-alarm” system for shoplifting prevention. The tag is attached to an item of clothing or merchandise. On purchase, this tag is either removed or deactivated. If the tag has not been removed or deactivated when the item is taken out of the store, then special antennas placed in the store exit will sound an alarm.


Here are the 3 key advantages of having EAS in a retail store:


1.Prevent Theft or Shoplifting


EAS detection systems, as used at the entrance and exit of stores, alert store staffs of possible product theft or when someone tries to take unpaid merchandise. The tags should be removed or deactivated by the store staff when the items are properly bought or checked out. EAS sounds an alarm, notifying the staff when it senses active tags.

This security system is also a deterrent to thieves. When they observe that the store has an EAS detection system, this will make it no longer a target of shoplifters.


2. Support Open Display of Goods


Commodity security is very important to businesses and retailers must have measures in making these items less accessible for shoplifters. However, this may also mean less accessibility to customers. 


Retailers’ common solutions are lockable cabinets and display cases, and/or sometimes, locating items behind the counter and can only be available with the help of a store assistant. With this, customers often cannot get in touch with and check the items, weakening the profitability of goods and downgrading the store’s visual merchandising approach.


EAS security systems support open display of merchandise, as it guarantees security of commodity while being displayed. This helps in promoting the items to the customers, thus, improving the stores’ sales.


 3.Improve Customer Shopping Experience


The competition in the retail industry has always been high. Given all the retailers’ way of making an impact to the market, customer experience remain to be one of key parameters of success.


Open display of merchandise is a convenience to customers as they get to examine the items without the supervision and help of store staff. Additionally, with EAS security systems, the store priority can switch from security and loss prevention to customer service and maximizing sales. In other words, store staff can focus on better serving customers.




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