Media Snippet: How Gunnebo Closed Cash Management Removes Touchpoints with Cash

22 Feb 2021

MS Gunnebo How Closed Cash Management Removes Touchpoints with Cash LinkedIn

Aside from keeping stores clean by placing hand sanitizers in prominent locations, regularly sanitation of the frequently touched surfaces, and proper observance of physical distancing, businesses can still support cash payments today while ensuring good hygiene by reducing cash touchpoints.


Gunnebo’s Closed Cash Management is an ultimate cash hygiene solution. It removes the necessity for manual cash processes entirely, which means staff never have to handle cash — either at the point of sale or in the back office.


Closed Cash Management solution automatically verifies and counts any cash deposits, significantly reducing or even eliminating staff interaction with cash, allowing retailers to continue accepting cash transactions while maintaining the necessary hygiene standards.


Know more, visit: https://inewvationinternational.com/products/product/safepay