Moving Towards Digital Transformation: InVue Solutions for The New Normal

17 Aug 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated a chilling effect in all kinds of businesses globally. Whether in Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Banking, or Retail, industries were all necessitated to move to the new definition of normality.


As we are now beginning to lift stay-home lockdowns, businesses are starting to continue their operations as well, recovering while following the new scheme’s guidelines for health and security. While all these measures work to allow business operations amid pandemic, it is also important for brands to know that this could be a great opportunity to embrace the digital shift, and begin maximizing digital innovations’ full potential.


In this series of blogs, Inewvation International features its brands’ digital technology solutions that will help businesses embrace the “new normal”.


Digital Technology on the New Normal
The global health crisis ironically made clear of the benefits of digital technology solutions in brands. This goes without saying that the outbreak did change our way of doing business, but at the same time, it makes us see technological advancements that are advantageous for businesses for a long time.


A well-known international retail security solutions provider, InVue, aids business continuity with its wide array of innovative products that lessen possible virus transmission while keeping your product displays secured.


InVue’s Advanced Solutions

1. OneKEY™

- A single key solution designed to be an all-in-one store key, OneKEY™ aims to decrease theft and increase sales for retails and brands.

As it allows a single key access across the whole store, it reduces the possible transmission of virus by designating one store staff to be in control. OneKEY™ also reduces wait times in receiving merchandise, lessening the customers’ time in staying in the store.

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2. NE360

- NE360 offers brands the freedom to combine any tablet or mobile device, any payment terminal, and any operating system to create a custom mPOS solution.

With NE360, customers will not need to handover their cards to the store staff upon purchasing, promoting cashless transactions and less interactions which decrease the chance of virus transmission.

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3. CT200

- CT200 is the perfect fixed tablet display solution with a point-of-sale option, and features multiple stand options for counter display and pedestal.

This solution helps in minimizing the interactions of guests with hotel staff, or customers with bankers. For hotel application, guests can check in on their own, browse the hotel’s amenities, or even go over with latest discounts; while in banks, customers can access their statement of accounts, browse the banks new offerings and services, currency exchange rates, market prices, and any vital financial data.

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4. Microsigns

- MicroSigns is a cloud-based solution that delivers a fully interactive messaging that engages customers. It provides real-time management of promotion and pricing contents, and allows customer to know more about the featured products’ details.

Promoting less interactions with store staff, MicroSign allows customers an easy access to product information.


In this time, digital technology solutions is surely a huge help in businesses in both keeping up and coping up. All designed to improve operational efficiencies, heighten store security, increase sales and profits, and now, to adapt to the “new normal”, InVue offers the best multi-purpose solutions catering to any needs of any businesses.