Myth VS Fact: Ingress Protection

29 Apr 2019

All LED Displays have Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings, which determines the degree of protection given to the enclosures of electrical or technology equipment against intrusion of foreign matters and moisture. A rating is composed of two numbers: the first number refers to the rate of protection against solid objects (e.g. tools, dirt, dust, etc.); while the second number is the rate against liquids (e.g. drips, splashing water, submersion in water, etc.). The higher the rating, the better the protection it has.


IP65 is the ideal rating for outdoor applications of LED Displays. This rating means maximum protection against dust and solid objects and the capability of withstanding low-pressure water jets. Due to the harsh outdoor conditions of rain and dust, outdoor LED Displays that are not IP rated or do not achieve a rating of IP65 have lower resistance in wet and dry contaminations, causing them to be damaged in many ways.


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