Product Feature: AM Floor Loop

16 Sep 2019

Amersec’s Discrete AM (Acousto-Magnetic) system is designed to keep store aesthetics unchanged and undisturbed while keeping merchandise protected. The Floor Loop is a 58 kHz-AM antenna that is durable and lightweight for the purpose of installing under the floor surface. The material allows it to be covered in concrete or mounted within a hollow sub-surface, while its service components are placed in an accessible location.


Also known as AM Floor Loop, this tool is powered by a robust controller unit or a software-configurable processor that can be networked for remote service and Amersec’s StoreMonitor for data collection, and additional alarm outputs allowing more alarms or CCTV systems to be connected.


The tuning box lets the Floor Loop to be custom-configured and links the device to the controller unit. It can be placed anywhere within 1.5m of the floor loop and up to 10m from the controller unit. It has an audible buzzer that can notify the staff if protected merchandise passes above the protected zone.


The AM Floor Loop is programmed with super-sensitive proprietary Amersec application that assures excellent detection of adhesive labels and security tags, aside from retaining the stores’ design.