Product Feature: CashControl

27 Aug 2019

CashControl is Gunnebo’s web-based software application that allows Cash Management units to coordinate, regardless of the configurations, and provide real-time information of all cash operations.


CashControl is convenient to use as it can be accessed anywhere at any time from desktops, tablets or mobiles, letting retailers manage the end-to-end cash process in the stores without having to be physically present and track the cash levels per denomination in real-time for each unit. It also connects and shares data to the CIT systems and banks to enhance pick-up and delivery routes.


This integrated online management tool generates reports for cassette transaction, end of day, event, executive summary of data, and a lot more, to optimize stores’ operations.


All cash operations in the stores can be administered, from the start of day to the end of day, both in the front and back office, including the inventory of the change in the safe. CashControl contributes to reduce the time spent on cash level monitoring and end-of-day reconciliation, providing automated tools and routines to guide the staff at the stores.