Product Feature: Ecophon Focus™

12 Apr 2021


Ecophon Focus™ is the most comprehensive product family of Ecophon. It offers a wide range of design possibilities with different edges, sizes, colors, and its adaptability to level changes of ceiling height, allowing it to be used in most application areas.


With an exposed grid system and easily demountable tiles, Focus™ A, is best fit for applications where a robust suspended ceiling system is required. It improves absorption in the low frequency range with an optional Ecophon Extra Bass that can be installed on top of the suspended ceiling.


Focus™ E suits for applications where an attractive suspended ceiling is required and easy removal of individual tiles is needed. It has a recessed visible grid and a tegular edge that gives the ceiling a shadow effect, making each tile more noticeable and partially concealing the grid.


Focus™ F can be installed directly to an existing plaster ceiling, boarding, battens or concrete, to create a ceiling with a smooth appearance. This particular model is for applications requiring a ceiling finish mechanically secured to the structural soffit.


Know more, visit: https://www.ecophon.com/exp/ecophon/modular-ceilings/focus/