Product Feature: Feather Series

25 Feb 2019



Inewvation Feather Series is perfect for glass facade as it features sunlight readability and resolution that allows modern visual effects to combine with transparency. Inewvation Feather Series creates a neat and unobtrusive display, best to apply in retail shopfront, OOH advertising, restaurants, corporate offices, and more.


Inewvation Feather Series also consumes lesser energy while giving enough brightness to work in full daylight. It weighs half of most LED Displays’, making it easy to install and lighter to carry. When viewing at five-meter distance or more, its LED strips remain unnoticeable with 72%-86% transparency at the highest resolution. Moreover, Inewvation Feather Series is easy to maintain. LED strips can be changed easily and do not require to replace the entire panel during maintenance.


This Inewvation Indoor LED Display is available in 3 different designs: Tablet, Movable and Customizable.