Product Feature: Gunnebo Cash Recycling Solutions

13 May 2020

Specifically designed for the back-office areas of big retailers, Gunnebo Recycling Solutions efficiently secures and recycles cash, allowing retailers and bankers to manage all operations better, without having to spend time and money in counting, sorting and storing cash manually.


This range of units provides a highly secure cash processing system. Notes and coins are deposited and cash recyclers check authenticity, inspects fitness levels, identifies the denominations, and registers the amount. Combining deposit and dispense capabilities, recyclers quickly and securely fill, replenish, and reconcile tills, has an escrow feature, and can be used to exchanging notes for smaller or larger denominations.


Gunnebo Recycling Solutions is also designed to adapt to various business environments with multiple configuration settings that adapt the cash processing system to the space, capacity, workflow and needs of every business.


This solution can also be integrated with Gunnebo’s smart cash management software that keeps track of all transactions, provides staff access to real-time information, controls operations remotely, and gives a full cash cycle transparency.


Gunnebo Recycling Solutions is a combination of reliability, functionality and efficiency. This allows staff to focus on their customers and provide businesses a customer centric operation.