Product Feature: Gunnebo D1k

02 Sep 2019

Part of Gunnebo’s compact range of units for Deposit Solutions that provides a secure and efficient cash processing, D1k is a cassette-based unit designed for quick and safe cash deposit transactions, helping small to large businesses and adjusting to their size, capacity and type of storage requirements.


With a simple, powerful user interface, it streamlines daily cash processes, improves the store’s operational efficiency, and allows businesses to maximize their ROI.


Up to 30 notes per bundle can be inserted on the unit, and up to 25 notes can be counted per minute which will then be deposited in cassette that is either for 1200 or 2200 banknotes. For security, D1k has a 5 inch-touch screen display allowing users to configure the service and view transactions, a barcode reader for identification, and uses a code system to open the safe. It also has a built-in printer for a 57mm-receipt and cassette that can store either 1200 or 2200 banknotes.


For cash transaction monitoring, data exportation and other related reports, D1k is connected to Gunnebo’s integrated online management tool— CashControl.