Product Feature: Gunnebo Deposit Solutions

19 Mar 2020

Regardless of the size of the store, Gunnebo’s Deposit Solutions adapt to any retailers’ needs in terms of size, performance, capacity and type of storage. These smart devices help in saving time and improving operational efficiency.


As this Gunnebo offering optimises cash handling procedures and lessening back-office administration, retailers focus on the customer, not with the cash. Since cash is no longer exposed or handled manually, shrinkage is reduced.


Compact Range

This line of deposit solutions is designed to help small retailers carry out quick and safe cash deposit transactions. This streamlines daily cash processes and increase the productivity of the employees that deal with cash management. Compact Range can deposit 20 to 40 banknotes per minute.


High-Speed Range

This array of deposit solutions is tailored to adapt to the pace of big companies and provides greater performance and flexibility in all cash deposit transactions. The cash from the tills is deposited in a smart safe and automatically counted, verified, recorded and placed in a thermally sealbag for added security. High-Speed Range can deposit up to 300 banknotes per minute or 5 banknotes in a second.


Compact Range best fits to pharmacies and convenience stores, while High-Speed Range suits to supermarkets and gasoline stations. Both lines of deposit solutions are capable of monitoring cash levels and help in optimizing CIT collection schedules using Gunnebo’s cash management software.