Product Feature: Gunnebo SafePay™

13 Aug 2019

Gunnebo’s SafePay™ NR2 and CR2 are the next generation note and coin recyclers for closed cash handling.


NR2 is a single slot unit for cash payment and change dispenser that is capable of cash refund when transaction is void, configurable for cashier operation or self-service for easy use, and eliminates the time-consuming back-office cash administration. Cash now arrives counted, checked and secured in closed cassettes that has an ink protection of notes at checkout and during transportation.


CR2 is designed for self-service and with user-friendly features. It authenticates, counts, and sorts the coins quickly for faster payment and refilling, and reduces back office work as coins remain in the system overnight for recycling. CR2 has a high storage capacity and large coin bowl allowing customers to pay with handful of coins in one go, and a communicative, high-resolution display that provides clear instructions on how to pay and with messages that retailers can customize.


For high level security, SafePay™ NR2 and CR2 both utilize precision sensors for verification and counterfeit control, and never expose the notes and coins during transaction, transportation, and maintenance. Cash discrepancies are eliminated as well since all transactions are registered - payments, dispensed change and even, refills.