Product Feature: INNCOM-Honeywell Thermostats

27 Apr 2020

INNCOM-Honeywell line of thermostats is its cornerstone of world class energy management solutions. It can control virtually any commercial fan coil unit, packaged terminal air conditioner and heat pump, and many types of HVAC systems in a hotel. These devices not only help in providing comfort, but also in reducing in-room energy costs by up to 35%, based on occupancy.

It can be configured as either part of a centrally controlled energy management system or a standalone device, and may be wired or wirelessly networked to a server which monitors the hotel system through the use of INNcontrol™ 3 or INNcontrol™ 5 application. These thermostats also serve as the main component of the INNCOM technology that enables integrations with third-party technologies.

E-Series thermostats have a wide range of options, available in wired, wireless, and battery-operated. All are easy to install, and some can be equipped with INNCOM’s award-winning, patented ecoMODE®—  a green button that activates thermostats’ enhanced energy-saving mode and effortlessly opt-in to the environmental program predetermined by the hotels.


With British gang box form factor, Elements  thermostats give a harmonized and consistent aesthetic to designer solution for the hoteliers. This range offer custom tailor options with 16 custom finish materials, hospitality specific functions, and intuitive icons.


MODEVA series has a high-end glass-finish capacitive-touch user interface for a sleek, modern look. This array of thermostats uses magnets located on the back of the logic board to adhere  to the flat metal surface of the wall bracket, enabling screwless mounting for a refined aesthetic.