Product Feature: Invue NE360

21 Apr 2020

The new NE360 family of products offers you the freedom to combine any tablet or mobile device, any payment terminal, and any operating system to create a custom mPOS solution. InVue’s versatile NE360 offers a fully powered and connected experience that can be instantly mobile. The solution enhances the shopper experience, improves conversion rates, provides opportunities for clienteling, and decreases costs associated with legacy systems. You have the option to choose new, or leverage existing, hardware investments to optimize their solution into a fully integrated mPOS system specifically tailored to meet your business’ needs.

The NE360 Handheld and Tablet frames are designed for both ease of use and durability. Featuring 4ft drop protection and USB communication support between integrated devices, its frames are built to support retailers of any scale, in any retail environment.

The NE360 mPOS Center features instant accessibility with its quick-removal universal mount that supports any tablet size. An integrated payment device cradle, that can be easily undocked, or counter secured, supports any mobile payment solution. An available network hub allows businesses to easily connect peripherals. The mPOS Center may also be affixed to a counter for added security. Its swivel base and tablet tilt make it seamless for associates to use and easy to service customers, resulting in faster transaction times.

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