Product Feature: Invue S3100V

06 May 2021



Invue’s S3100V is a visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires. Be it for tablet and smartphone displays, it offers a consistent look and feel.


Retailers are allowed to choose an Alarm Zone or Secure Zone and determine security parameters with a sensor alarm that sounds when device crosses the zone limit. It also has an optional Alarm Node which flashes red and provides louder alarm to enhance display security.


S3100V is a part of InVue LIVE—a connected platform of products that help retailers track, monitor, and manage store operations in real time. With a suite of hardware and software solutions across Merchandising, Access Control, Security and Operations, InVue LIVE is the single source for retailers to gain in-store visibility.


To learn more, please visit https://invue.com/invue-live/s3100v/.