PRODUCT FEATURE: InVue Self Locking Smart Locks

27 May 2020

Part of InVue OneKey Ecosystem is a Self Locking Smart Lock series that provides seamless security for store-wide merchandising, improves customer service, and increases sales. Partnered with OneKey, Self Locking Smart Lock family which consists of L410, L430, and L440 are uniquely designed to operate without a battery or power source, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into new or existing furniture, be it wooden, glass, metal and acrylic drawers and cabinets.


With Access Manager software, visibility into associates’ interactions with locked, displayed and sell-through merchandise protected by OneKEY is possible. The cloud-based system logs OneKEY interactions, making it easy to view individual associate activity anytime and from anywhere. Through permissions and real-time usage statistics, Access Manager gives retailers the confidence to give every associate a key and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.