Right Solution for the Right Purpose: Inewvation International Offers Advisory and Consultancy Service

24 Aug 2020

Over the years, Digital Technology has radically transformed many aspects of the modern life. From banking, retailing, to entertainment, travel, hospitality, and more— almost every vertical has been improved into digitalization.


As digital transformation unceasingly provides the world overwhelming andfast-paced trends of innovative products and advanced solutions, competition in businesses has been higher than ever. This drives Inewvation International forward to help its partners and clients keep up with the trend and cope up with the digital shift by educating them and sharing the knowledge and experience the company has acquired throughout the years.


Part of the goal to lead cities to digital innovations, Inewvation International now offers Advisory and Consultancy Service. 




Established in Manila back in 2011, Inewvation International is one of the pioneers of digital displays in the Philippines and later on, became the leading solutionsprovider in the industry. Its core brand, Inewvation, has top-of-the-line digital display products, ranging from indoor and outdoor LED Displays, Interactive Digital Kiosks, and Digital Signages, catering to various industries like retail, food & beverage, hospitality, resorts and casino, transportation, corporate, education, and more.


In less than a decade, Inewvation took a very significant part in launching some of the most technologically advanced LED displays in the Philippines: the biggest outdoor LED display, the first curved LED display, the first moving outdoor LED display, the first seamless LED display, the first perimeter LED display, and the highest definition LED screen.


Globally, it has completed notable projects with the biggest brands like The Shilla Duty Free in Hong Kong International Airport, Mango in Jewel Changi International Airport in Singapore, Football Republic in Malaysia, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, FWD Life, and Citibank in Indonesia, and many more.



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The Filipino-owned company has also commenced operations in major Asian countries such as Singapore in 2016 and Hong Kong in 2017.


At present, Inewvation International is a full-fledged digital technology solutions provider, carrying 4 more brands for the industries of hospitality and retail— INNCOM-Honeywell for guestroom automation system, InVue for anti-theft merchandising, Gunnebo for cash management, and Amersec for electronic article surveillance.




With 9 years of experience and more than 3,000 successful digital technology projects across the globe, Inewvation International extends its expertise in the market through Advisory and Consultancy Service. This aims to help businesses adapt to digital transformation with comprehensive process, thorough research, and collaborative efforts from experienced industry experts.


For any requirement, the company’s team of consultants will (1) dive deep to each objective, looking at the best strategies; (2) source out materials and create designs, all from industry-focused resources; and (3)  respond with the most applicable initiatives.



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This newest offering is available at the following services:




With one-time technical and design consultancy service, a dedicated consultant understands your objective, gathers your data and recommends actions plans that answer your key objectives and goals.




From planning, resourcing, design, risk management, to implementation, a group of consultants works with your team for a particular project— producing relevant and applicable solutions and recommendations that answer your key objectives and goals.




From planning, resourcing, design, risk management, to implementation, a group of  consultants works with your team for a year— producing top-notch action plans that answer your key objectives and goals


As it is crucial to just invest in technology for technology’s sake, the real challenge can be countless and overwhelming. Keeping up with trends is one thing, but integrating and maximizing the right tools and meeting its sole purpose and goal are another.


Inewvation International is a partner that aims not only to offer the most advanced products, but provides the best digital solutions that will cater to any needs to create a greater benefit for both businesses and its customers.


Know more. Visit our website: www.inewvationinternational.comor connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.