Spec Check: Amersec AM PROFI

15 Apr 2021

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Amersec’s AM (Acousto- Magnetic) PROFI products are designed with a focus on strong detection of adhesive labels, reliability, and flexibility. It is suitable for any retail environment, with a performance that ranks at the top of the retail security market.

AM PROFI has modern aluminum frame, making every model durable yet very aesthetically appealing, with space for advertisement banners. If visual transparency is a priority over printed advertising, Amersec PROFI-X transparent design is the perfect solution.

AM PROFI’s fully equipped security solution includes integrated visitor counting, directional alarms. It can also be connected to the Amersec StoreMonitor for advanced system analytics and store performance reports.

In addition to these powerful features, AM PROFI products are enabled with ECO MODE - power-saving tool that helps in minimizing electricity consumption which increases the lifespan of the system, saves costs, and is environmentally friendly.