Spec Check: Chubbsafes Naomi

18 Jan 2021

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Naomi is a premium safe that provides a combined protection for both burglary or theft, and fire. 


Designed to protect an amount of cash and valuables within a domestic or corporate surrounding, it has a touch screen electronic lock, and door that is secured by 3 moving front bolts and 2 fixed bolts at the back edge. It has a one-hour fire protection which is certified by International Testing Laboratory.


Its built-in alarm will be activated if there is any movement or tilting of the safe. Should there be 5 unauthorized attempts to open the safe, its lockout feature with quick beeps will sound for approximately 3 minutes. It is also enabled with 2 user codes, which one can be used as emergency override code.


Chubbsafes Naomi is a must-have deterrent to theft and fire, ensuring cash, valuables, and any other important belongings protected and secured whether at home or in the office.