Static vs LED Billboard in Advertising

21 Dec 2015

With the arrival of the digital age, traditional advertising mediums are sometimes innovated in the hopes of producing better results. For instance, instead of static billboard, we use LED billboard for advertising purposes in the Philippines and other parts of the world. But although more and more advertisers are slowly going digital with their ads, there are still companies who prefer traditional mediums.


The truth is, both static and LED billboards have their own sets of pros and cons. And before you decide to use one instead of the other, you have to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you decide which medium would be more helpful for your campaign.


Static and LED Billboard

Static billboard is the traditional billboard that we commonly see when driving through highways. These are billboard displays wherein the images do not move. In addition, only one advertiser can occupy one billboard site for a specific duration of time.


On the other hand, LED billboard has the ability to display both static and video ads. And unlike static billboards, LED billboards can display different ads for several advertisers in a day. Also, another difference between the two is that LED billboard uses a huge LED display to play advertisements. Meanwhile, you have to print the material that you will be using for static billboards.


Comparing Static and LED Billboards

Although a lot of advertisers are creating digital campaigns, some still rely on traditional means of advertising. By learning the pros and cons of LED and static billboards, you’ll have a better idea of what to use for your advertising campaign. Check the comparison below:



Several advertisers share one LED billboard site, or if they are not sharing, one advertiser plays one or two ads in one billboard. This means that ads are all playing in a loop, one after another during the day. If traffic is slow, then commuters get see your advertisement at least several times.


Static billboard, on the other hand, displays one advertisement per billboard site. This means that commuters will only see one ad per billboard, whether the traffic is light or heavy. The only time the advertisement on a static billboard changes, is when the installation team removes the current ad to replace it with a new one.




Digital billboard is very flexible. You can change your message or advertisement very easily. If an important event takes place and you want your ad to show it immediately, that can definitely be arranged. All you have to do is create a new material and send it to the appropriate people so that they can air it on the LED billboard.


Meanwhile, static billboards are not very flexible. If you want to change your advertisement or put up a different ad the following day, you can do so. But it will cost you a lot since you have to print a new material.



LED billboards are made from durable materials that makes it impervious to heat and water. The bulbs used on LED displays has a life span of 100,000 hours. This means that LED billboards can last several years before it needs to be replaced or repaired.


On the contrary, the changing weather might damage traditional billboards. After a few months, your billboard ad might start fading. If you want your billboard ad to look good as new several months since its installation, you might have to reprint a new material every few months.



An LED billboard ad is cost efficient. All you have to do is create the material to be shown and then send it to the appropriate people. They will upload your advertisement and you can start airing it as soon as possible. And since your ad is playing on a loop – maybe along with other advertisers’ ads – you only have to pay for your number of spots or the number of times your ad was aired.


But static billboards are not as cost efficient. You have to pay for the printing of the material, the installation, and the duration of time the billboard will have to be up on a specific place. Also, since you are not sharing the billboard site with other advertisers, you carry all the expenses on your own.


Both LED and static billboards can help benefit your business. However, based on the factors above, LED billboard has a lot of advantages over static billboards. So if you are considering flexibility, durability, and cost efficiency in your next ad campaign, then LED billboard is definitely the best choice for you.