Things You Should Know About LED Billboards

27 Nov 2015

LED billboards are gaining popularity. One by one, we see digital boards being erected alongside highways in major cities in the country. At last, advertisers are realizing the power of digital advertising.


But before you go looking for the best LED suppliers in the Philippines, you should read about LEDs first. Here are a few things that you should know about LED billboards:


Different Types of LED Billboard

There are two types of LEDs: Through-hole and Surface Mounted Device (SMD).


If LED is mounted in the printed circuit board (PCB) with its electrical leads protruding, then it is called a Through-hole LED. This type of LED provides lower electrical and unit cost and is most commonly used in digital billboards today.


On the other hand, if LED is mounted on the surface, then it is called Surface Mounted Device or SMD. This type of LED is used for higher resolutions and indoor digital screens.


Another difference is that Through-hole LEDs are individually packed by color. Meanwhile, SMDs colors are all packaged together.


Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch determines the sharpness of your display. What is pixel pitch? It is the distance between the centers of adjacent LED pixels. Think of it this way: the smaller the pitch, the closer the LEDs are to each other. The closer the spacing between the LEDs are, the more LEDs there are per square foot. And the more LEDs you have per square foot, the sharper the image is.


Most of the time, the pixel pitch for digital outdoor advertising installations ranges from 19 mm to 25 mm. This ensures that the advertisers’ message will be crisp and readable.



The brightness of your LED billboard will depend on its location. You have to take into consideration the sun and the lighting conditions in your area around night time as well. Some digital boards come with a built-in brightness control sensor. This allows your LED billboard to adjust when it is bright, cloudy, overcast, or dark outside.


Also, if you don’t want the sun to outshine your LED, it has to be at least 5,000 Nits. The maximum full white image brightness ranges from 10,000 to 8,000 Nits depending on your manufacturer. However, it is not advisable to use full brightness because it can reduce the lifespan of your LED billboard.


Cabinet Construction

Every day, LED billboards are exposed to different weather conditions. Heavy rain, lightning, and extreme heat may affect digital boards. While it is impossible for LED billboards to remain unscathed forever, it is possible to avail one that is long-lasting.


Instead of using pop rivets, insist on solid welds. Also, make sure to talk to a structural engineer to make sure that the structure or pole that you will be using can support the billboard’s weight.


Cooling Fans

Do you need cooling fans for your LED billboards? In the past, people use air conditioners with their digital billboards. However, as technology advanced, new LED screens were invented that uses less power and, therefore, produces less heat.


These days, some LED billboards do not need cooling fans at all. Check if your manufacturer offers them.


As technology moves forward, advertisers slowly convert to digital means of advertising. Before you avail LED billboards for your own ads or lease it to other brands, remember to check the points above.