Tips on Using LED Billboard for Advertising Your Event

29 Dec 2015

Digital boards can be used for several purposes. In fact, when it comes to advertising in the Philippines, LED billboard has a lot of uses. You probably already know how LED boards can be used for advertisements as well as signages. But do you know that aside from that, you can also use them for events?


LED billboard can be beneficial for advertising your event. Whether you are launching a new product or holding a corporate event, you can use digital displays to help boost your event. Here are some tips on using LED billboard for advertising your event:


Tailor Your Messages

One of the things you should consider before deciding on the content of your LED display is the event itself. Knowing the type of event that will be held will allow you to identify who your target audience is. Only then can you tailor your message for the content. Digital displays can be attention-grabbing but if the content is not relevant to the event or to your audience, then it’s useless. You have to make a content that will surely keep your audience engaged.


Provide Real Time Information

Using digital displays, you can provide your attendees with real time information. Keep your guests updated about what’s happening in different areas of the event by posting live updates through LED displays. You can also use your displays to livestream some parts of the events or stream social media feeds regarding the event in real time. This is sure to encourage engagement among your guests.


Place the Display Strategically

It’s not enough to provide your guests with engaging content, though. You also have to mind the placement of the digital board. Make sure to place it somewhere that will ensure maximum visibility. Like the center of the room for example. Or if you don’t want it getting in the way of the attendees, you can hang it above the stage. That way, people can still see the LED display without occupying space on the floor.


Utilize for Brand Awareness

Events are a good time to improve brand awareness. So make sure to utilize your LED displays for this purpose as well. Make sure that you logo is visible in all areas of the event using digital displays, putting your brand front and center. If your guests are already enjoying the event, there’s no harm in reminding them who made the occasion possible in the first place.


Use it for Navigation

Don’t just make your event interesting, make it easy to navigate. It’s not enough to post a schedule of what’s happening in the event. You also have to help people find the areas where those are taking place. You can place LED signages to point the attendees in the right direction. Or if you can, use delegated digital displays that guests can use as interactive maps. This will surely leave a positive impact on your event’s attendees.


Your event can be hugely enhanced with the help of LED billboards. You can use digital displays for navigation, live updates, and even brand awareness. All you need is knowledge on how to maximize its full capacity, to serve your advertising purpose. Follow the tips above for a successful event!